LEGO 75046 Star Wars Coruscant Police Gunship - 481 pcs

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481 pieces
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  • Irrational love - Coruscant Police Gunship
    by MysticModulus

    on October 30, 2015

    Overall design One thing that is really nicely integrated in this set is all the different angles. Most noteworthy is of course the angle of the cockpit but apart from this you have som sleak angles counteracting the cockpit as well. The back wings and the front wings feels just right, both the angles and the overall shape. This set has a truly magnificent color scheme: a warm blue that really complements the different shades of grey. What really made this set outstanding in this regard was the generous inclusion of so many translucent red pieces including two cockpit pieces. The color scheme really fits the theme and screams out "Police Gun Ship!". Functions and play features The cockpit is easy to open and you can easily store the two shocktroopers on a tray that is clipped into the fusilage. I've seen some comments about the troop carrying space being to small but I could easily fit one clone trooper sitting down with a big gun and have the two jedis stand in the doorways. You could probably fit one or two guys more since you can also make them stand on a small wing under the doorways. There are two shootable projectiles (noteably in the more elusive blue colour) of the kind that goes through the entire apartment and hits your neigbour in the back of his head. A recommendation is to leave them out until you have your protective googles ready. The two front wings at the bottom "folds" up when the model is sitting on something and "folds" down when you pick it up, really neat feature! Minifigures Ashoka is lovely but not unique to this set if I get it correctly (I think the same figure is in the Umbaran UHC). Anakin is really nice two but the greatest surprise was the lovely red printing (leg printing included) on the two unique shocktroopers included. They are really a treat! Conclusion I've never reviewed any set on before even though I've built lots and lots over the years but somehow this set has really gotten to me, like som childish infatuation. I honestly picked it up as a side order but when I started to build it I just fell in love with it. It's a really solid set and I simply love it: the colour scheme is awesome and the overall design is just fantastic. It's not an extraordinary idea for a set but it's just so well executed! Bosses at Lego, make sure to give the designer of this set a real nice bonus for christmas (edible or not) because he or she really earned it!

    Review originally posted on

  • A very good purchase.
    by PaxVir

    on August 17, 2015

    I absolutely love the shock troopers in this set!!!!! I really hope lego makes a battle pack with more clones. I am very fond of clones and it would be awesome to see more like this!!!

    Review originally posted on

  • Super Cool Set!
    by Legofreak71

    on July 29, 2015

    If you are a fan of the Clone Wars animated series, and a lego fan, then you definitely should get the Coruscant Police Gunship! It has all the hallmarks of a great Star Wars lego set. It is fun to build, uses a large variety of building techniques, has numerous cool features and moving parts, comes with great minifigures, and perhaps most importantly, it is very accurate to the Clone Wars ship and looks super cool when it is finished. Regarding the minifigs, my favorite is the cool new shock trooper, and of course Anakin and Ahsoka are popular characters too. If you have a lot of Clone Wars sets, Ahsoka may be a duplicate, but the Anakin figure is a new variant to add to your collection! By far the coolest feature of the gunship is the transparent red front windshield and top panel. They are built together as a sub-assembly and then hinged onto the body of the gunship with technic beams so that the entire assembly can rotate up over the top to access the pilot seats, just like it does in season five of The Clone Wars! Probably the next coolest feature is the movable side wings that are reminiscent of tie-fighter wings and sith interceptors. The only slight flaw I saw in this set is that the wings are attached with gray technic pins that allow the wings to rotate freely. This must be so that when you set the ship down the wings can rotate up out of the way easily. But when you pick it up the wings can flop around too much. So I just replaced the gray pins with black ones which have a snug fit, but still allow you to adjust the position of the wings by hand. Very minor, if you have a couple extra black technic pins laying around. If not, order a small supply. They come in quite handy sometimes. I don't know the exact name or product number but they are the shortest black technic pins, round on both sides. Anything shorter is always a different color, like blue or gray. Other than this minor fix, this is one of the best Star Wars sets of this size and price range, rivaled perhaps by the 2012 Tie Fighter and X-wing Fighter sets. Probably a better deal too, since the Tie Fighter was the same price but has fewer pieces and the X-wing cost $10 more, but has 560 pieces. As a quick side review, let me say that I think the 2012 X-wing Fighter is not only the best minifigure scale Lego X-wing Fighter to date, but is the coolest minifigure scale Lego ship of all time! If it was $10 less it would definitely be the greatest bargain in Lego Star Wars history. ( It still may be). But the Coruscant Police Gunship is one of the best sets of 2014. Get one before it is retired and you have to pay twice as much on ebay!

    Review originally posted on

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