Nanoleaf Elements Wood-Look Hexagon Panels - Smarter Kit - 7 Panels

Model Number: NL52-K-7003HB-7PK
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Nanoleaf Elements Wood-Look Hexagon Panels - Smarter Kit - 7 Panels


Create stunning lightscapes in your home with this set of 7 Nanoleaf Elements wood-look hexagon panels. The panels can be arranged and showcased in any configuration so you can create a unique work of art, right on your own wall. These customisable modular panels are finished with a wood grain veneer to lend a nature-inspired, calming aesthetic to any space.
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Create stunning lightscapes in your home with this set of 7 Nanoleaf Elements wood-look hexagon panels. The panels can be arranged and showcased in any configuration so you can create a unique work of art, right on your own wall. These customisable modular panels are finished with a wood grain veneer to lend a nature-inspired, calming aesthetic to any space.

  • Includes 7 hexagon panels with a wood grain (PVC) finish and an ultra-thin design
  • Modular panels can be arranged in any configuration to create your own custom look
  • The wide white light temperature range and glowing ember effects fill your space with inviting ambience
  • 1800-6500K white light temperature range and brightness control along with glowing ember effects on each panel corner deliver a fireplace-inspired aesthetic
  • Rhythm feature makes your light panels react to sound to interact with your music
  • Touch-enabled technology responds to your touch and allows the panels to work as smart buttons
  • Panels attach easily to any smooth surface with the included double-sided mounting tape
Number of Lights
Smart Lighting Type
Smart Bulb Type
Smart Lighting Fixture Type
Wall Light


Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Apple HomeKit


Operating environment
Voice Control
App Enabled


Colour Changing
Colour Temperature
50 lm
Lumens per Watt
25 lm
Expected Lifetime
25000 h
Smart Light Panel Shape
Mounting Type
Double sided tape


23 cm
20 cm
0.6 cm
460 g

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  • A lot to like, but pricing could use some work
    Reviewed by kaizen61 - December 1, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] When Nanoleaf Canvas came out, I was so hooked that after I reviewed them, I immediately went out and got an expansion pack…and a short time later another. I was addicted and visitors to my home always marvel at them. Earlier this year Nanoleaf announced their Elements series, and I loved the look of them. I had two places I immediately could see them fitting in. Needless to say, I was anxious to get the chance to review them and I wasn’t disappointed. They truly look like sheer wood, despite them being high impact plastic and the light glowing behind them gives a warm and calm atmosphere. I put them in my bedroom, but I also seriously considered my bathroom so more people could see them. Installation was even easier than with the Canvas series; there is a power connector on every side of the hexagonal panels, and this really opens you up to get creative with the placement of the panels, the power connector, and the control panel. I used a long string and attached a string level to it to give me a guide as well as marking the center point between the two walls with some painter’s tape. It really helps you to get the first panel in place. Once you connect another panel in place, the structure immediately becomes stable so you can just go from there. In fact, I just purchased an expansion pack (what a surprise, huh?) and added it in. When I went to show a neighbor the new set up, I realized that I hadn’t even used the mounting pads, yet they were solidly in place. The mounting system is innovative as well; it has good contact with whatever you’re mounting it to, and it allows you to spin the hexagon on its center so you can vary which direction the ‘wood grain’ is running after it’s in place. But what really blew me away was that you can pop the panel off the mount entirely to either rotate it or attach one of the connections. It shows that Nanoleaf put some thought into improving the products and that they listen to their customers. Setting them up in the app is easy, though the Nanoleaf app could still use a little work. It took me a awhile to figure out how to assign my new Elements to a room that I created. There’s no outward indication that you should drag and drop the device into the room, but that’s how you do it. That’s a place they could put some of that thought into, but to their credit they have been updating the app so one can hope! The app isn’t all that bad lately; like I said it just needs a little love. They look great, especially if you have a décor that they work in. They fit perfectly in my home, which is Asian/Modern in general, but they may not fit in all styles. And as far as effects they are limited to on/off and different values of white. Positive side though, you can use RGB styles you might have already downloaded or created for other Nanoleaf lighting, and it will simply convert them to white levels – YMMV though and this won’t work well for every RGB effect. I guess my biggest problem is the pricing, really. While Nanoleaf lights in general aren’t cheap, it seems like they could have offered the Elements at a lower price point. They are white light only and are mostly injection molded plastic and some white LEDS. Even the expansion pack only included 3 additional panels for about the same price I paid for 4 of the Canvas Panels and those are full RGBW lights. Nanoleaf could be a breakout hit if they re-evaluated their pricing policies. They have more to offer than Phillips Hue, in impact and creativity if not in numbers. And they have a GREAT open API and connect with Google Assistant and Alexa extremely well. But with a product that’s more of a luxury purchase than a need, I think that they could expand their range if they lowered the prices a little. I really think there’s room there, having made some LED strips controlled by single board computers myself. But if you can justify the expense, I can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed with any Nanoleaf lighting set up that you purchase.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Artful smart light display, hampered by app
    Reviewed by ReviewedByPhil - November 16, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Nanoleaf Elements is my first foray into LED-lit modular wall art, and it was pretty easy to set up. The smarter kit comes with 7 light panels, a controller, 8 linkers, and a power supply with 8-foot long braided fabric power cord. You’ll also receive a card with a dozen different arrangement inspirations, though it is by no means a comprehensive list of every configuration possible using the 7 panels. The Layout Assistant feature in the accompanying Nanoleaf Smarter Series app lets you plan your design virtually, and if you have an iOS device you can preview it in augmented reality before trying it out in your space (AR preview not available in the Android app). Placing your design in AR is hit or miss though, and it didn’t always render at the correct angle for visualization on a flat wall. The panels have a realistic wood grain pattern and finish on the front and sides, while the back reveals that the units are constructed from a lightweight semi-translucent plastic that allows the LEDs inside to shine through it. Each panel is pre-fitted with a 360° rotatable mount and a double-sided adhesive pad for wall mounting. These pads are the damage-free type where you can pull on them and they stretch in order to release from your walls cleanly without damaging the paint on the wall; however, they are one-time use only, so if you move the panels you’ll need to purchase a new sets of pads for mounting, as only one additional adhesive pad is included in the kit as a spare. You also have the option to permanently attach the mounts to the wall with screws (the panels unsnap from the mounts), though screws are not included with the kit. The included power supply has a hot-swappable tip for exchanging plug styles for different regions and installs vertically into US style outlets. I liked that the wood grain pattern on each panel is unique and there are no repeating patterns. Since the panels are rotatable you can align the wood grains or offset them for some visual interest. With the hexagonal shape, you can link up any two sides of a pair of panels and connect them using the snap-on linkers. Just remember that each panel only needs to be linked once, so it’s best to build out your design one panel at a time, and link each new panel back to the previously installed pieces. The controller and power supply can also be attached to any available linker slot. With the physical controller you can toggle the power, increase/decrease the brightness, and select color, rhythm, or random scenes. The panels are touch-sensitive too, and will brighten or change color when touched. Each controller supports up to 80 hexagons linked in series. If you have more panels in your installation than is supported, you can add additional controllers and power supplies as needed anywhere in the system. This light system is WiFi capable and can also be controlled via the Nanoleaf App. Once your Nanoleaf has been connected to your WiFi network, you can adjust brightness, color temperature from deep orange through bright white (1500-4000K), or activate a scene/playlist for a custom lightshow animation from the mobile app. There are two types of animations: color, which cycles through colors in a palette, and rhythm, which creates light shows that react to different elements of music like volume and pitch. I wish the Android app would update in real-time which scene the system is playing after changing to a new scene via manual/gesture controls, the way the iOS app does, but I found that you have to manually refresh the device in Android to see the new settings. Creating new scenes is also complex without clear instructions or descriptions of how to build them. There is also a social element where you can share your custom scenes or download ones that others have created with Nanoleaf Discover. I love that that the Nanoleaf is essentially a piece of customizable artwork that can be used both as functional lighting and dynamic ambience, and it looks great on your wall whether the light panels are on or off. Another cool way to control the panels is with touch gestures, programmable in the app, for swiping up, down, left, or right. For example, you can set the swipe up/down actions to increase and decrease brightness, so all you need to do is walk up to the Nanoleaf and move your hand up or down across the panels and the brightness will adjust accordingly. You don’t even really have to touch the panels to swipe as it can recognize the gesture when your hand is hovering about an inch away from them, though I found that it didn’t always correctly register my swipes. If manual adjustments aren’t your thing, you can enable Auto-Brightness which will increase or decrease the brightness based on the ambient light in the environment either to match (ambiance) or compensate for (functional) the relative amount of light in the room. You can also set up schedules for when the light should turn on/off along with brightness and mode. One feature that I really wanted to try out is the Thread network support which is supposed to built-in to the controller, however, despite connecting the Nanoleaf to my Thread border router (eero 6), it would indicate “No Network Found” when I tried to enable this setting and attempting to link my eero account with Cloud Sync in the iOS app resulted in a “page not found” message. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update. While the smarter kit only includes 7 panels, each power supply can support up to 42 Watts (21 hexagons, 2W per panel) and 3-panel expansion packs are available separately. Overall, I found the lights to be a really cool lighting and art feature for my wall as it provides a bit of light, a calming ambience, and visual interest. The app can be finicky at times though and navigating it isn’t super intuitive with random differences between iOS and Android versions; I also wasn’t able to get the Thread feature to work.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Nice dynamic lighting, great for setting a mood
    Reviewed by enem156 - November 13, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is the first time I've used any Nanoleaf product but I've been intrigued by them for a while and wanted to see how they look and work. I think what stopped me in the past was how they looked when not active. The Nanoleaf Elements are a different story because they look great when they're off, and even better when they're on. They are extremely simple to install. The hardest part is planning how you want to arrange them and making sure they're level. Actually, that part is not that hard because you really only need to make sure the first one you put up is level. It's easy to do and once you attach the first one to your wall, you can rotate it until it's flat side is level. The rest of them just fall into place. I love the wood grain look on them and you have a choice of running the grain in different directions as well so there's a wide range of looks you can achieve even with only seven panels. The power supply that came with them has a nice long cord on it so you can connect it easily to the closest outlet. I was afraid it would only be a six foot cord and end up having to use an extension cord, but that's not the case. The cord itself is cloth covered and has a good feel to it. It's also pretty easy to make the cord hang straight with just a small amount of effort working out the bends. The included supply will power up to 22 panels, so you have plenty of room for expansion if you want to modify and add to your design. I'm already planning on buying an expansion kit or two to make my design larger. The free android or iOS app worked great with my android phone. It's easy to connect the kit to your WiFi as long as you have a 2.4Gb channel available. If your home WiFi is only a 5Gb network, you should be aware that this kit will not connect to it. The kit also comes with a small control panel as well that will allow you to use the Elements kit without connecting it to your network, but you will miss out on all the features the app gives you. The kit comes with about a dozen pre installed “scenes” or lighting effects and it also gives you the opportunity to either create your own, or browse and download a wide range of scenes. Most of the scenes available for download are for the multi color tiles, but will work with these as well, although since these only offer different white color temperatures to display, you won't see any of the intended colors. The moving scenes are great and offer looks that simulate clouds, waterfalls and fire. They're great for setting a mood even in the middle of the day and since they can go quite bright, they're always visible if you want them to be. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the fact that they only display shades of white, but I think that was a good choice and since you still can see the wood grain through the lighted tiles, it gives them a nice warm look. When the lights are off, the wood grain looks really nice and they don't look like something that needs to be turned on to enjoy them. They look really nice just the way they are. I have them in my living room / home theater room and I was a little concerned that they would rattle or buzz because of my sub-woofer's deep frequencies. So far that has not been the case. I've tried out many movies with them and they remain quiet. They're actually the perfect addition for a room like this since they offer a wide variety of scenes from very dim to very bright. They complement my other backlights throughout my room well. For those of you that like wood grain in your room, these panels are a great choice. They give your room a modern look without going over the top. They're simple to install and add a range of moods to your normally static room design. You can use them with or without connecting them to your network, but I highly recommend connecting them if you're able. The built in controller is nice and small and works well. You can touch the panels for different highlights or put them in music mode to have them flash to the music. They're on the pricey side of things, but if you're looking for a way to make a statement in your room, this is a perfect way to do that.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Attractive smart accent lighting
    Reviewed by TechBuyer - November 18, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Nanoleaf wood look tiles are a great blend of smart lighting and wall art. The wood look tiles look great in a room with a more rustic look, the hardest decision you will have to make is where to place the lights. I still haven’t decided where I want to permanently mount them, either behind my bar shelves or in my family room. Either way they offer a very attractive look for accent lighting. I do think there is room for improvement from both a mounting and concealment perspective, but Nanoleaf is probably trying to remove barriers to entry and also make it so it’s not good permanent or require a lot of patch work if you remove them. Still, I think they could’ve included screw in or anchored mounting hardware or at least extra adhesive kits, which they do sell separately. Also, I think they could improve on the wall conceal element. The power connector for the main tile should be in the center and be either a magnetic connect or at a 90 degree further off the edge of the tile to make it easier to conceal. The wall wart is also massive so it makes it harder to conceal behind something, like a TV for example. Still the Smart features and look of these tiles are great. I will probably pick up a couple of the 3 pack add ons and also get the hardware mounting kit. Concealing is pretty easy so I will fish those through the drywall to give it a perfect finished look. As soon as I decide where to put permanently mount it….

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Sophisticated, Artistic Lighting
    Reviewed by Winger81 - November 22, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Nanoleaf Elements Wood panels are my second set of Nanoleaf lights and I don't know if it is possible to describe how amazing they. Not only are they lights, but they truly are a decorative and artistic addition to your home. This particular set of lights - with the wooden look - seems a lot more sophisticated than my previous multi-color lights. My favorite settings is to match music (or any sound for that matter); they dim, blink, pulse, etc. to the sound of the music in real-time. They also respond to touch which can be both good and bad depending on kids (and pets - cats love these) in the household. The Nanoleaf app is very intuitive and easy to use - once you have actually gotten connected. I had to delete and reinstall the app twice before I was able to get connected. Once you are connected, the app guides you all the way from unboxing to set up and you can even preview what your design with look like on an iPhone/iPad. Once set up, the app has myriad different settings and functions. There's also a small control panel you connect to one of hexagons. Though it is compatible with HomeKit, I found using the app a lot more intuitive and friendly. Time will tell whether or not I can get HomeKit to work correctly. The only downside to these Nanoleaf systems is the delicate connectors. It can be a bit tricky to get all the pieces connected and installed, especially if you are doing it on your own. I'd suggest two people. Overall, these get an A+ in my book. Highly recommended!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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