Panasonic Link2Cell 3-Handset DECT 6.0 Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering Machine (KXTGD593W)


  • Purpose achieved

    from Tecumseh on August 3, 2019

    Phone(s) purchased for 'call blocking' feature, and this feature has been effective.

  • perfect phone

    from Halifax, NS on April 24, 2019

    i love everything about this cordless phone

  • Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone

    from Prescott, ON on April 15, 2019

    Great solution when eliminating Bell home phone. Works as it should, do not keep cell to close to base station.

  • It works

    from London, ON on September 7, 2018

    The store clerk led me to this phone, and then told me that it wouldn't work to receive from my cell, only to send out, when it actually does both. And works without a land line at all, which seems to be ideal for me at the moment in a temporary location.

  • Sound quality not good

    from Scarborough, ON on July 7, 2018

    Unhappy with this unit. Doesn’t beep when there is a message and can’t tell by looking at the handsets. Can only hear the speaker if I put it on speaker phone. Don’t waste your money.

  • Panasonic Link2Cell set is great!

    from Calgary, AB on February 25, 2018

    We got rid of our home landline this week - too many junk calls and not needed as we have unlimited long distance on our cellphones. Still, I was a bit concerned about having to a carry my cellphone around the house and about talking on my cell for any length of time - awkward to hold and I keep turning off the power button accidentally. Tada problem solved - bought a Panasonic Bluetooth Link2Cell phone set. It’s just like having a landline but without the cost and junk calls. It’s looks just like our old Panasonic landline set and we can pair two cellphones with it. Now we can use any of the three Panasonic handsets to make or answer cellular calls. Our cellphone can be anywhere in the house and the Panasonic handsets are much easier to hold. Also you can set it so the handsets use your cellphone ringtones. Since my wife and I have different ringtones, we know who the call is for. We can even both make calls at the same time. Can also download cellphone contacts into the phonebook on the handsets. Even if you have a landline you can use it to make and answer calls on your landline plus two cellphones. It’s pretty slick. I like it - a lot! And with what we are saving by not having a landline, it pays for itself in about three months.q

  • Excellent product

    from Winnipeg, MB on December 29, 2017

    For me, the utmost concern was sound quality (both for me and for the person I'm talking to), a good quality speakerphone as I use hands free calling a lot, and good reliable basic functionality and build quality. This system exceeds expectations in those areas, and offers a lot more. I first bought the Vtec CS5158-3 which is just awful. First of all, no speakerphone, then sound quality is poor, and it feels too light and cheap in your hands, something like a Fisher Price toy. You get what you pay for. Secondly, I tried the Panasonic KXTGC253B. Definitely better than the Vtec and with a decent sounding speakerphone, but with the wierd issue that you can only either talk, or listen, not both at the same time. This may seem inconsequential, but in practice it turns out to be very important as there are numerous times you will have at least a slight overlap of speech between you and your calling party and you will end up missing some of what they are saying. It's like talking on walkie talkies or something. Very annoying. This Panasonic KXTGD593W does not have this issue and also has superior build quality and ergonomics, such as larger more tactile buttons and better menu and settings functionality. Even if you don't plan on ever using the linktocell bluetooth I would still recommend this phone over the others just from a quality point of view. This is a newer unit and has better electronics. Some people are complaining about the LinkToCell "compatibility", but I suspect they are just not knowledgeable about how to pair bluetooth devices. You have to put your phone in bluetooth "seek" at the same time as the cordless. Not difficult at all and I was able to successfully pair both a Samsung Galaxy 8 as well as an Iphone 7. This Samsung cordless system lets you pair two different cell phones at the same time! Another little benefit is the fact it uses regular AAA batteries, two in each handset. It comes with six NIMH AAA rechargeable batteries and if these ever get worn out, you can easily buy more, or even use standard alkaline AAA if you prefer. Much simpler than trying to find some obscure proprietary battery pack replacement. Couldn't be happier with this purchase, especially considering the boxing day sale.

  • Compatability with Mobile Problems

    from Ontario on December 5, 2017

    Panasonic should ensure that consumers are fully aware of the limited list of compatibile cellphones supported by Link2Cell by listing those cellphones on the box. Better would be producing a product which is compatible with a much longer list of cell phones. We were so excited when we learned about this Link2Cell option. After we abandoned our landline earlier this year, we discovered that we really missed having multiple handsets to be able to hear the phone ringing from any location in the house. Yesterday we bought the set. After reading the accompanying handbook, I discovered that Link2Cell is only compatible with a limited number of cell phones, both of ours not making the list: Blackberry Q5 and Samsung Galaxy A5. I reread the outside of the box to see if I had missed this very important detail and found it said, "allows you to connect your cell phone via Bluetooth", but no list of those cell phones. On p. 16 of the user manual it says, "For more details and the list of compatible cellular phones, please visit our website, (address given)." I visited the support website, checked the specifications sheet and found no refererence to compatibility there. The compatiblity list is given on the support page but it is a extremely limited list. I will have to take this product back as it is useless to me. My rating of one star is more than it deserves in my case.

  • Good phone, but not exactly as advertised

    from Brantford, ON on September 10, 2017

    Call block feature states 250 numbers can be blocked. The phone manual states only 150 calls can be blocked. Appears to be faulty information in the product description. The other features are good, phone was easy to set up. Sound quality is ok, not great. I would still say this is a good purchase.