Panasonic 3-Handest DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering Machine (KXTGC253B) - Black - Only at Best


  • Screen graphics messed up.

    from Oshawa on 24 octobre 2019

    I ordered them when they were on sale for $69.00. Before I could use them and see how they work, I had to send them back. After I charged them for the first time I noticed the graphics were all messed up on one. There was black lines running up and down the screen. Waiting for them to go back on sale for the same price b4 giving them another chance.

  • Screen of one phone malfuctioning before using once

    from  on 6 octobre 2019

    Plus. Delivery was a couple days earlier then expected. Cons. Malfunctioning before I had a chance to use them once. I put in the batteries and plugged them in to charge overnight. The next day I see the graphics on the screen of one of them are messed up. There is black streaky lines running up and down. I ordered them online on Sale. Now I have to take them to a postal outlet that does Shipping. Turns out the place I picked them up at only has Pick Up. I didn't find this out until I'd already gone back with them. The one's that offer delivery are further away and I don't drive. Now I have to find a way to get to one of them. Phones are not on Sale now. I was going to give them another shot so now I have to wait for them to go on again. I thought they would've offered to send me a replacement set when I emailed for a shipping label.

  • working great so far

    from Hamilton, ON on 1 janvier 2019

    bought on sale. and they all working great

  • Terrible

    from Winnipeg, MB on 23 juin 2018

    Two hand sets won't charge at all and the 3rd one quit a month later. They fall out of the charging base very easily but even in a safe place, two failed to ever charge. They are useless. I am now out the money and have no house phone. Not sure what to do next. It's been 3 months now. So....

  • No caller id

    from New Westminster, BC on 5 avril 2018

    Could not get caller ID to work. Talked to panasonic support and Telus (our service provider). Spent at least 3 hrs with them (includes being on hold and testing, retesting, retesting.Etc.) - nothing worked so I am returning the phone. A real disappointing and frustrating experience.

  • Extra cordless phones

    from Burnaby, BC on 28 février 2018

    You can expand your phone system by registering optional handsets (6 max.) to a single base unit. Optional handset is a different design from that of the supplied handsets. You cannot purchase the supplied handset (KX-TGCA20C) separately. Cordless Range extender is; KX-TGA405, KX-TGA406

  • They work great, pleased with the products

    from Windsor, ON on 8 août 2017

    Not much here to say. The phones work great and the volume was VERY loud when we first tested a few calls (which is good and we were able to lower them - better than being too quiet at their maximum!). We bought these phones for our new house and my fiancé and I are getting married in a few weeks and I've always had good experience with Panasonic phones in the past (I'd had a set dating back from maybe 2007 that lasted us 8 years before we moved homes), but it appears they've improved even more as the years went on. Good settings, easy to navigate, easy to add contacts, and change any necessary settings i.e. ringer, tone, language/date/time etc. I really find no problems with these phones. Plus they work well with our modem and operate on a different speed than our internet, as we chose an internet-based home phone plan, which means it will not cause a problem with our internet connection if we are using the phone at the same time. I just don't like the style of buttons; the type of rubber used on the buttons is very dull and they look very dirty/smoky when the orange light shines through them. The previous buttons had a nicer, cleaner look to them and looked more clear with the light shining behind them. All in all I am satisfied with this product.

  • No surpises.

    from North York, ON on 12 janvier 2017

    Everything works as it should. Good Cordless phones.

  • Not Happy

    from Caledonia on 4 janvier 2017

    Well, they work. The sound isn't very loud. Tried to turn it up as loud as it goes, but still not loud. Can't get the call waiting to work. Other directions can't understand them. They aren't clearly explained. They have speaker phone button, But what's the use of that when they don't have anything to hook the phone onto so you can walk around and do things while you talk?The missed call section, you would think it would only list calls you didn't get answered, but it lists everyone that called. Takes forever to delete them. I'd really like to know how to get the call waiting to work. I have the service but the phone won't do it. It shows who is calling, but you can't click into them.

  • Good product

    from Winnipeg, MB on 30 août 2016

    I always buy Panasonic as it is dependable and easy to use. I do wish the base unit was sturdier like my last model was. It was also easier to read as it was larger. Still happy with product