Sobro Smart Coffee Table with Refrigerated Drawer - White

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Model Number: SOCTB300WHBK
Web Code: 12335666


Turn up the cool factor of your living room and change the way you lounge, laze, and entertain forever. Say hello to the Sobro smart coffee table, which features a built-in refrigerated drawer, dual Bluetooth speakers, under-table LED lighting, 2 USB charging ports, and 4 standard power outlets. Topping it all is a sleek tempered glass top with an integrated touchscreen.
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    • Smart coffee table features a refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, and LED lights
    • Touchscreen built into the tempered glass top gives you total control over all of the table's smart functions
    • Refrigerated drawer powered by a built-in compressor keeps beverages and food chilled and always within reach; drawer holds up to 32 cans of beer or pop
    • Precise temperature controls give you the option of adjusting the temperature of the refrigerated drawer to your personal preference
    • Dual Bluetooth speakers on each side of the table deliver rich and deep sound quality from connected devices, including your TV via the included Bluetooth dongle
    • LED lights on the underside of the table make for amazing ambience and set the mood for movie night or your next big house party
    • Pair of USB charging ports on the side make it easy and convenient to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device without getting up off the couch
    • Four standard 110V outlets built into the table are ideal for plugging in a laptop
    • Storage drawers are an ideal place to store remote controls, gaming controllers, snacks, chargers, magazines, and other miscellaneous items
    • No assembly required; the Sobro table comes ready for action -- simply screw on the legs and plug the table in
    • Dimensions: width 109.6cm, height 44.5cm, depth 58cm
    Voice Control


    Works with Apple HomeKit
    Works with Nest


    Operating environment



    Audio Features



    Operating Voltage
    AC 110V


    109.6 cm
    44.5 cm
    58 cm
    47400 g

    • Blown Away!

      from Markham, ON on October 26, 2018

      This is now the center of attention in my living room! Who expects their coffee table to have speakers, led lighting, and a refrigerated drawer!? Absolutely blown away by this purchase and although the price tag is high, I have no regrets. Just waiting for the side tables to become available here.

    • Works well, but...

      from Best Buy US on July 15, 2018

      The good: The fridge works well; the speakers sound surprisingly good; the LED down-lighting works well. From a utilitarian stand-point, it has the bases covered. But that's not why you want this product. I, for one, got it for the "WOW that's cool!" factor, and that gets ruined by a few things. The bad: · It comes packaged in the flimsiest of cardboard. As such, my table was both dented and scratched on arrival. It wasn't immediately apparent, but became so as the inner wrapping was taken off (which was far more difficult than it should be, and did little-to-nothing to prevent damage). The scratches could be painted (and were), but the dents are another story—and there were quite a few. · The control panel on top is only somewhat responsive. It often takes a few tries and a fair dose of patience to get it to do what you're trying to do. It's tough to feel like you've got a quality product when you're ready to take a hammer to it out of frustration with an unresponsive touch screen. · The glass top should really have been frosted. I didn't anticipate how much light is reflected off the table when you're trying to watch a movie in a dark room. It effectively doubles the ambient light in the room, and the moving image is really distracting when it's doubled up by something below the TV. · The glass is perpetually dirty. Finger prints appear on it seemingly by magic. Look at it wrong, and the black glass is filthy. I'm far from a clean freak, but if I were I'm sure I'd be in a round-rubber-room in a white jacket drooling on myself by now from trying to keep the glass clean. It's also *wildly* uncomfortable to have your feet on for even a small amount of time. · With clear glass tables, minor scratches or abrasions are only mildly annoying – but with the black glass, those same minor imperfections become the first (and only) thing you see. As such, I cringe even seeing a mug put on it without a coaster for fear of the "rough" bottom ring doing damage from the small amount of sliding it will do when being put down/picked up. And so, after just a few months of stressing over these details, the table was moved to a wall and is now used to keep my receiver, DVD player, and Apple TV on, and continues to work double duty to keep soda and M&Ms cold, and another, far lower maintenance table has replaced it in the center of the room.

    • Fantastic!

      from Midland, ON on April 20, 2018

      Just an amazing product to complete the man cave! I just found out the company is even in the process of creating a side table version ( which I hope will be available at Best Buy next year!

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