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FAQ About Desktop Computer Memory

Upgrading or adding more RAM to your desktop computer can give it a much needed performance boost. Multitasking and system-intensive programs such as video editing software and video games use a lot of memory and that can slow down your computer. Adding more RAM to your desktop can make multitasking seamless, video rendering smooth, and video games run at optimal performance.

What is RAM in a computer?

RAM, or random-access memory, is a type of storage that allows the computer to temporarily store files for quicker access.

Are there different types of RAM?

There are two main types of computer RAM: DRAM and SRAM. DRAM, or dynamic RAM, is the most common type. It's called dynamic because it needs to be periodically refreshed or the data gets lost. SRAM, or static RAM, does not need to be refreshed and holds onto the data. Because of its static nature, SRAM consumes less power and is faster than DRAM, but it is more expensive.

Why would I need more computer RAM?

The short answer: more RAM will make your system run faster. The more RAM you have the more temporary data can be stored. So for multitasking, system-heavy software, and video games having more RAM will help make these programs run smoother.

But there's something you should consider. System limitations may limit the amount of RAM that your system can access. For example, a 32-bit system is only capable of using 4GB of RAM. You can have more RAM in your computer, unfortunately it won't use anything beyond the 4GB limit. Before you decide to add more RAM make sure your computer's operating system, processor, and motherboard will support more RAM. Also, RAM sticks come in different capacities. So if your motherboard supports 8GB of RAM and has 4 slots you can install four 2GB RAM sticks or two 4GB sticks of RAM to reach the limit.

Is there a difference between RAM for Mac or PC?

Yes and no. There is RAM that will work in both Mac and PC, there is RAM that will only work in Macs, and there is RAM that only works in PCs. Before purchasing RAM you need to make sure it meets your system requirements exactly.

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