Bring books to life.

Go beyond the black and white with the all-new Kobo Clara Colour and Kobo Libra Colour eReaders. Indulge in distraction-free, glare-free, full-colour reading.
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Kobo makes discovering a library of books easy and fun to do, no matter where and when you decide to read.

Why take one book to read when an entire library fits in the same space? That’s the experience of a Kobo eReader, where thousands of eBooks can fit in your pocket, letting you start with one title and finish with another on the same device.

Endless Reading with Kobo eReaders

When you hold a Kobo eReader in your hands, you are embracing the idea of reading not just one book, but many. These devices have onboard storage capable of holding hundreds, if not thousands of eBooks at the same time. No matter how voracious a reader you consider yourself to be, a Kobo eReader can keep your eyes glued to something interesting.

Brilliant Reading Experience on E Ink Displays

The E Ink displays are easy on the eyes, no matter how glued you are to a story. With excellent pixel density, text remains sharp and easily legible, catering to your preferences. Increase or decrease text size, change fonts to suit your taste, and always keep track of where you are in whatever you’re currently reading.

Features of Kobo eReaders

Intuitive Navigation and Interactive Reading Tools

Kobo eReaders are equipped with touch-sensitive screens and dedicated buttons that make navigation through pages both intuitive and comfortable, ensuring you can immerse yourself effortlessly. These devices allow you to bookmark crucial pages and highlight memorable passages, while also offering a note-taking feature so you can jot down thoughts and annotations directly on the text. Additionally, the built-in dictionary lets you look up definitions instantly, keeping you engaged and informed.


Kobo eReaders, including popular models like the Aura H2O, Clara, Libra, Sage, and Forma, are equipped with advanced water-resistance capabilities, so you can take a great read with you to the tub or pool without worrying about any damage. This durability not only enhances the versatility of your reading experience but also adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding your extensive library of books in situations where traditional books would be vulnerable to water damage.

Long-Lasting Battery

Kobo eReaders are designed with impressive battery longevity, capable of lasting for weeks or even months on a single charge. This feature allows you to spend more time immersed in your books and less time tethered to a power outlet. Whether you're traveling, commuting, or simply enjoying a leisurely read at home, the extended battery life ensures that your eReader is always ready when you are, offering convenience and reliability that enhances your reading experience.

Kobo Colour eReaders: Clara and Libra

Kobo introduces an exciting evolution in digital reading with its colour eReader models, the Kobo Clara Colour and Kobo Libra Colour. These devices are crafted for those who cherish rich, vivid displays alongside their narratives, bringing a new dimension to eReading with their advanced E Ink Kaleido™ 3 screens. The Kobo Clara Colour features a compact 6" display that makes digital reading more vibrant and engaging, while the Kobo Libra Colour, with a larger 7" screen, offers a more expansive view and deeper immersion into graphic-rich content.

Kobo Store - eBooks, Audiobooks & More

Kobo doesn’t just make eReaders, it offers a digital marketplace for you to browse for the next book on your list. With up to 6 million titles to choose from covering every genre, there is bound to be something to keep you occupied. You can always access the Kobo Store anytime you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Read samples before you commit, and see the latest recommendations and best-sellers front and centre to help guide you as you shop. Search for any title or author you have in mind, fast-tracking your path to what you’re looking for.

You don’t always need a Kobo eReader with you to find your next eBook, either. Use the free Kobo app on your mobile device, or log on to the website and purchase it there. Download it to your eReader the next time you turn it on and get started.

Kobo services

There’s more to read beyond the Kobo Store, and it starts with how eReaders integrate with some services. Use your local library card to set up an account with OverDrive and borrow books digitally to read in the comfort or home or away.

Surf the web and save articles through Pocket to read later at your convenience straight on your Kobo eReader. Load up your own documents, like PDFs or other compatible files to read whenever you like. With a Kobo eReader, you have more than one way to go through all the content you want.

Reading at your leisure is about more than just time when you have convenience and compatibility in your hands every time you reach for your Kobo eReader.