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Get cooking and blending with Ninja appliances

Owned by SharkNinja, which is based near Boston, the Ninja division of the company makes a variety of small kitchen appliances, from blenders to multicookers, air fryers, coffee makers, and more. (Shark, meanwhile, is known mainly for its vacuums). Originally established back in 1993 as Euro Pro Operating LLC, Ninja changed its name in 2005 to better reflect its innovative line of products. Today, the company has more than 550 patents and 150+ products, with offices in 10 countries around the world. Chances are, if you don't already own a Ninja small appliance, you have at least have been eyeing one of the most talked about products for your kitchen.

Ninja blenders

Ninja has become synonymous with blenders, and the company sells a wide variety of them, from standard countertop blenders that are ideal for blending soups, smoothies, and dips, to single-serve blenders for morning smoothies and protein shakes.

Ninja has countertop blenders that can also heat ingredients like cooked vegetables so you can not only blend soup into a creamy concoction but also cook it right in the same jar. From its Professional line to the Chef and Nutri products, Ninja focuses on blenders that can serve every need in the kitchen. Some models, like the Nutri Ninja system, come with additional bowls and cups so you can do things like make individual serving smoothies and use the food processor attachment while cooking.

With models ranging from 0.5 to 2.1 litres in size, there's a blender for everyone from the single person to the large family, to the spacious kitchen to the tiny apartment kitchen. Some come with multiple blending cups with drink-friendly lids if you'll be primarily making smoothies while others just include the blender with handy touch controls and a powerful motor for chopping and pulsing even hard-to-break ingredients like ice and nuts.

Ninja small kitchen appliances

Ninja makes a wide range of small kitchen appliances as well, many of which focus on the latest trends, including toaster ovens and air fryers. From large-sized appliances for cooking enough to feed a family of five to smaller ones for couples, there's a model to meet every need.

Under the Ninja Foodi line, the company makes everything from indoor grills to pressure cookers, air fryers and toaster ovens, as well as combination appliances that can cook multiple ways.

Another big area Ninja is involved in is the coffee maker space with a range of models to help you get your java fix. The Ninja Specialty multi-use coffee maker, for example, comes with a milk frother and can make up to 10 cups. The Hot and Cold brew system, meanwhile, is designed to provide rich flavour for both hot and cold drinks using the Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology.

Ninja's focus on healthy cooking

Many of Ninja's small appliances focus on helping you eat healthier. The blenders make it easy to get a healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable smoothie in minutes with little effort and clean-up. Small appliances like the air fryers, meanwhile, can help you cook traditionally greasy fried foods using little to no oil so you can still indulge in the foods you love, from chicken wings to fried fish, but enjoy it in a much healthier way.

With the toaster ovens, you have the option to replace a microwave and some models, like the Ninja Foodi Pro combine both a toaster oven and an air fryer so you have the convenience of cooking healthier without having to take up more counterspace with small appliances.

With other appliances like the Foodi smart 5-in-1 indoor grill, the Smart Cook system can give you confidence to cook fresh at home instead of ordering take-out, encouraging healthier eating habits overall.

Ninja's small appliances are powerful, multifunctional, and staples in many kitchens. They provide everything from your post-workout smoothie to your morning coffee, homemade pasta sauce, air fried quick lunches for the kids, toaster oven pizzas, and more. Happy customers swear by their Ninja appliances, giving the popular brand a solid reputation and massive fan base.