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A Quick Look at iPod and MP3 Player Accessories

Once you’ve got your hands on your favourite iPod or MP3 player, you’ll need to outfit it with a variety of accessories to keep it safe, to keep it playing, and to really make it unique to you. A cool case, extra power, cables and adapters, or even an FM transmitter can make all the difference and help you decide how you’ll interact with your iPod or MP3 player. And Best Buy has all the coolest stuff from Belkin, Gear4, Monster, iFrogz and more.

Learn More about iPod and MP3 Player Accessories

Cases, armbands, skins and sleeves are generally the first option when looking at iPod and MP3 player accessories. Accessories like mp3 cases or specific cases for iPods, keeps your device safe from wear, tear and the occasional drop. And with good reason; your little media player probably holds all of your favourite songs, videos and photos, and you’ll want to take them everywhere with you. 

An FM transmitter gives you the power to take your iPod and MP3 player tunes for a ride in the car. Using an FM frequency, these handy little devices can broadcast the songs from your device and play them through your car’s stereo and speakers. That means you can create the ultimate road trip playlist on your computer, store it on your iPod or MP3 player, and jam to it for the entire ride.

Whether your iPod or MP3 player runs on internal or external batteries, you’ll need to power-up every now and again. Carrying extra mp3 or iPod batteries will keep your player going, while a car adapter that’s specifically designed for your device will keep you charged and playing in the car. You can even pick up a handy wall charger and cable to power up at home or in the office too.

Other iPod and MP3 player accessories can help make your device even more functional. For instance, the iPod Nike Sport Kit can turn your player into a personal workout coach, while a handy dock lets you charge and/or play your iPod or MP3 player through a compatible stereo or receiver.