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Asus Cases for Total Smartphone Coverage

Keeping your smartphone safe can be a daily chore—or a daily afterthought, with the right case. While today’s delicate, glass-enrobed devices are likely to shatter or break if they fall naked onto a concrete floor, putting them in even a simple case reduces your risk of damage. These Asus cases are just some of many that will keep your phone safe.

Drop Protection and More for Daily Use

The primary reason why smartphone users buy a case is simple: protection. Whether you’re keeping your screen safe in the case of fumbles and tumbles, or you’re worried it’ll get scratched in your bag, a case is an easy way to protect your investment.

Some users also use Asus cases as a way to protect their investment. Reselling your old device can be a great way to upgrade on the cheap, and cracked surfaces lower your resale value substantially. By making sure you’re keeping all of your Asus device’s surfaces damage-free, you’re protecting your investment in more way than one.

Hard and Soft Shell Asus Cases

The simplest phone cases cover just the back and sides of your device. These cases offer primarily drop protection, and work the same way. By adsorbing the impact of a fall, hard and soft shell cases distribute the force met by your device. In some cases, hard shell cases will break or scratch in place of your device—which is exactly how they’re designed to work!

For the ultimate level of protection, choose a double-layered Asus hard shell case. The hard outer layer works with an inner silicone bumper to adsorb maximum impact, making it a great choice for those on a job site or those with young children. Seeking out an Asus case with a raised ridge around the front screen also helps protect the screen from shattering if it falls face-down.

Folio and Folding Asus Smartphone Cases

To protect all sides of your device, a folio or folding case may offer an additional level of coverage. These cases flip open and closed, protecting your screen with a secure layer of coverage when it’s not in use. They’re an especially popular model of case due to their flip-stand nature: when open, almost all folio, flip, and folding phone cases can be used to prop your device upright. It makes viewing media easy on the go, even in the case of long movies.

Asus folio cases are also popular for their built-in credit card slots, which help to simplify your day—as any great case should.