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Keep your phone protected easy with a high-quality Sony phone case

There are really only two things that are going to keep your phone safe. One is doable, and that’s using a great phone case. The other is more effective but gets in the way of your life—it’s refusing to use your phone at all, and instead keeping it safe in its box.

The latter may be tempting, but it’s a little inefficient.

Sleek Phone Cases for Design Integrity

If your Sony phone is brand new, chances are that you like the way that it was designed. Selecting a smartphone case with a slim profile is a great way to preserve the original design of your phone while still affording it a bit of protection from drops and falls.

Thin hard and soft shell cases will provide protection for your phone, but hard shell cases tend to be better for drops and impacts. (Soft shell cases are great for small bumps, and excellent for providing additional grip to a larger phone.)

Heavy Duty Sony Phone Cases

To protect your phone from large bumps, falls, or tumbles down the escalator, consider a slightly larger phone case. You can still preserve the original silhouette of your phone with a slightly more rugged design—just look for a sleeker fit that comes enhanced with silicone protection.

Hard shell cases with dual layer drop protection will offer you the best coverage on the market. As an added bonus, the silicone dual layer that’s often used for shock protection is a little tackier to the touch than plastic or metal would be, making it easier to hold your phone when you’re distracted.

Sony Flip Cover and Folio Phone Cases

Flip cover cases are a great way to protect the screen of your Sony smartphone while you’re on the go. They’re a great choice for those who frequently carry their phone in their hands, or for those who toss their phone into a purse or briefcase with other items. (Your keys may not scratch your hands, but they will absolutely scratch your phone screen!)

Sony phone cases with flip covers (also often referred to as “folio” cases) are just one of the many designs that can enhance your phone usage. Most folio cases are designed with credit card slots, and some even come with RFID protection. Other folio or hard shell cases may come with a kickstand, case stand, or holster, letting you hold or prop up your phone easily for watching videos or playing music.

Make keeping your phone protected easy with a high-quality Sony phone case. (Also totally acceptable? Buying a few different cases and changing them up. It’s definitely not as simple, but it’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want every day!)