Stylize your iPhone. 

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How to pick a protective phone case.

From material types and design features to levels of protection and practical tips, this article will walk you through what you need to consider.
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  • Stylish iPhone Cases for your Slick New iPhone

    iPhones are renowned for their sleek design and glassy exterior, making them both a symbol of style and technology. This elegance, however, also brings with it a need for protection. A reliable iPhone case or iPhone cover can be a smart investment to safeguard your iPhone’s premium look and functionality.

    Apple iPhone cases are surprisingly some of the easiest phone cases to purchase. They’re widely available, and, unlike many other phone brands, iPhone cover cases are sometimes interchangeable between different models. For instance, models like the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8 can all use the same phone cases, offering you extra flexibility in your choices.

    Soft Shell iPhone Cases

    Using a durable iPhone cover is a smart move to preserve the original look of your iPhone. If you prefer a soft-shell iPhone case, you can expect basic drop protection with an added touch of sleekness. Opt for a soft shell case made of silicone or leather for drop protection without the added bulk. A case with a slightly firmer build and a raised edge can also protect your screen: the raised lip absorbs impact if your phone falls face-first and helps prevent scratches when you place your phone face-down on a table. Most hard and soft shell models, especially those designed as iPhone cover cases, are excellent for 'waterproof' protection if you own a waterproof model of the iPhone. However, materials like leather should be kept dry.

    Hard Shell iPhone Cases for Extra Durability

    If you’re more prone to phone accidents, then a hard-shell iPhone case is your go-to option. While thin, brittle hard shell cases are a good choice as they’ll break upon impact to save your phone, a heavy-duty hard shell iPhone cover case will absorb shock from fall after fall. The best phone case for those who are accident-prone is one with dual-layer protection: a hard outer shell combined with a soft silicone bumper inside. These cases will add some bulk to your smartphone, but they can withstand significantly more impact than basic hard or soft shell cases.

    iPhone Protective Cases with Extra Features

    If your phone does it all, it makes sense for your iPhone case to do the same. iPhone wallet cases, folio cases, and pop-top cases not only offer protection but also come with added functionality. Wallet, flip, and folio iPhone cases are excellent for those who either carry just their phone or prefer to toss their phone into a larger bag. They protect your phone screen when not in use, and various designs offer space to store cash or fold it into a media stand. Similarly, pop-top cases provide both protection and a more secure grip for larger phones.

    After all, why just protect your iPhone from breakage when you could reduce the number of falls your phone experiences altogether?