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Wrap your baby in a baby blanket

Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, having a baby blanket on hand to swaddle or cover your baby is important. With so many different types of baby blankets to choose from, you can find the perfect blanket or cozy plush baby blanket for every season.

What kind of baby blankets can I choose?

There are all different types of baby blankets you can choose. Those types include wearable baby blankets that fit over your child like clothing, personalized baby blankets embroidered with your baby’s name, or themed baby blankets with a favourite character or style. Crib blankets are a great way to add a theme or style to your baby’s crib.

When you’re wrapping up your baby in the winter, you’ll want to choose a heavy baby blanket that’s designed to keep your little one warm. A lighter, cotton-type baby blanket is perfect for spring and summer. Depending on the weather outside, either a heavy baby blanket or a light baby blanket will keep your baby cozy in the fall.

Which blankets are best for babies?

Your baby changes through ages and stages, and the baby blankets you use will change with them. When you have a newborn, you’ll want to stock up on receiving blankets. Receiving blankets are great for wiping spills and as a quick wrap for a newborn baby.

You’ll also want a few swaddle blankets. Designed to cocoon your baby, a swaddle blanket wraps up their arms and legs snugly, so your baby feels cozy and safe. They’re more effective than standard baby blankets because they are designed with a shape that ensures you can safely and snugly wrap your baby.

Swaddle blankets are designed to stay snug, while swaddling your infant in a standard blanket may pose safety concerns. The fabric may cover your baby’s face when he or she is moving while asleep.

Safety considerations when choosing a baby blanket

Although tassels are stylish, for safety reasons you may not want to choose a baby blanket with loose tassels. You’ll also want to ensure the material the baby blanket is made from is free of harmful chemicals and be sure it doesn’t have dangling or loose objects like fringes or buttons.

Baby blankets are the perfect baby shower gift

Looking for a baby shower gift? Baby blankets are a great choice. You can choose a plush, cozy baby blanket in the mom-to-be’s favourite colour, a stack of receiving blankets, or several swaddle blankets.

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