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Make your baby’s crib cozy and comfortable with crib bedding

The most important thing you can do before you bring your baby home is set up a safe space for sleeping. Bassinets and cribs are the most important part of the nursery, and to keep your baby comfortable you’ll want to choose crib sheets and crib bedding.

What to know before you buy crib bedding

Crib bedding is made up of a mattress cover, crib sheets, crib bedding sets, and crib blankets or bed skirts. Most parents choose one set of crib bedding with a theme or colour they love and several sets of crib sheets so they always have a backup on hand.

Crib mattress pads

A waterproof crib mattress pad will protect your crib mattress from leaks and spills. It will fit your crib mattress tightly, and some types will completely cover the mattress. Crib mattress pads usually have a thin layer of comfortable fabric like cotton or flannel on top, and that fabric covers a waterproof material underneath.

Crib sheets

Unlike standard sheets, crib sheet sets don’t come with a top sheet. Crib sheets have snug, fitted corners to keep them from pulling off the sides of the mattress, and you should always choose crib sheets that fit tightly and have no chance of bunching up when your baby moves around. You can find zippered crib sheets that tightly fit all around the crib mattress.

Crib sheets come in different types of fabrics including organic cotton, cotton blends, and flannel. You can choose all types of themes and colours for crib sheets including baby pink, blue, baby animal, or pattern like chevron and polka dot.

Crib bedding sets

Crib bedding for girls and crib bedding for boys is available in a wide variety of themes and colours. You can choose crib bedding in a specific colour, or if you’re buying crib bedding as a gift, choose a gender neutral pattern that will fit any nursery theme.

Crib bedding comes in sets that usually include a crib skirt, comforter, removeable quilt, crib bumpers, and pillow. Picking up a crib bedding set is an easy way to get every piece of crib bedding you’ll need as they grow from infant to toddler.

Additional blankets and bed skirts

Some parents will piece together their crib bedding instead of purchasing a full crib bedding set. You can choose from a variety of different styles and fabrics for baby blankets, swaddle blankets, or crib skirts. You’ll want to keep several crib blankets on hand in case you need to swap one out quickly, and you can switch up colours or themes to keep your baby’s bed comfortable and stylish.

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