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Keep your BBQ in top shape with BBQ cleaning tools

You always clean your kitchen after you make a meal, and making a meal outdoors means there is a bit of clean-up to do too. When you fire up your grill for a family BBQ, you’ll want to make sure you’ve cleaned it properly so it’s in top shape.

BBQ cleaning is something you have to do before or after you cook on your grill, and BBQ cleaning tools make it easy to clean up your BBQ so it’s always ready to grill again.

What BBQ cleaning tools are essential to keep your BBQ clean?

Cleaning your BBQ is very different from cleaning your kitchen stop top. Because you need to remove caked on food and grease from a non-removeable grill, you’ll need special tools to get the job done properly. Two of the most important BBQ cleaning tools are a BBQ brush and a grill cleaner scraper.

A BBQ brush is a brush that’s made with stainless steel bristles. It has a long handle to protect your arm from the heat of the grill, and it will get into the groove of your BBQ grates and deep clean each row. A grill cleaner or scraper is a wooden or plastic cleaning tool that will lift grates and scrape off food debris. This type of BBQ cleaning tool is safe for ceramic grates as well.

Why is cleaning your BBQ so important?

Cleaning your BBQ is important for a few reasons. A clean grill means the food you’re BBQing isn’t exposed to any old food debris that was left on the grill. Chunks of meat or grease can spoil the flavour of a freshly prepared chicken breast or steak. A dirty grill will also cause your BBQ to smoke excessively, and that smoke can coat your existing food.

Cleaning your BBQ also increases the lifespan of your grill. It will keep your BBQ in tip top shape for much longer than if you never clean it at all.

What BBQ cleaning tools are available at Best Buy?

Best Buy has a wide selection of BBQ brushes and grill cleaners. You can find two sided and three-sided BBQ brushes as well as wood grill scrapers that won’t scratch ceramic BBQ grates. With a brush or grill cleaner you’ll be able to dig into the grooves and remove every piece of food left over.

Shop BBQ cleaning tools on Best Buy and get your gill in shape for summer.