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The right fuel makes for a perfect BBQ

What BBQ fuels and fuel-starting products are available?

When it comes to starting your BBQ, there are different tools and implements that are specifically suited to the various different types of grills. For instance, when cooking with charcoal, one popular method is to stack the lumps of coal into a carefully placed pyramid shape, add some lighter fluid (some cooks frown upon this), wait a few seconds, and light your coals. You should then let them sit with no grate in place until they’re pretty much white hot.

One useful implement for lighting charcoal BBQs is the charcoal chimney, while other helpful tools include BBQ lighters and delivery hoses and nozzles for gas fuels like propane and natural gas.

Other BBQ fuel types include charcoal bricks, hickory wood chips, wood pellets, larger chunks of wood, propane, natural gas, electricity, and more. Each of these fuels has its own method of lighting, and in some cases you can even combine multiple fuel types together for added versatility and flavour. If you’re not sure what works best with what, do a little research beforehand so you won’t mismatch fuels or use something that gourmet grillers wouldn't recommend doing due to the impact the fuels will have on your food.

What are the best pellets for BBQs?

Did you know that there are various different types of wood pellets for BBQs, and that not all of them are created equally when it comes to things like quality and flavour? Also, different types of pellets may be better (or worse) for different types of meats. For instance, hickory, pecan, and mesquite are recommended for cooking steaks, but not necessarily for fish, pizza, or poultry.

For salmon, apple and cherry are thought best, though some chefs also like pecan. Additionally, pizzas are said to go perfect with pecan, while turkey tends to like the fruity flavours of cherry and apple. Once again, doing a little bit of research before you get started could help you to achieve the most delicious results for whatever it is that you’re cooking.

How long do pellets last?

The length of time that wood pellet fuels will last in your BBQ depends largely on the temperature at which you are cooking, as well as the type of pellets you’re using, and potentially even the weather conditions at the time of use. According to one online source, a 40 pound bag of pellets should last users for more than 24 hours of total BBQing time. Also, always be sure to use food-grade wood pellets for grilling, as there are also pellets designed for home heating via pellet stoves, and these are not meant to be used with food.