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Protect your BBQ with a cover

Why use a BBQ grill cover?

While some people who live in warmer climates don't think there's a need to get a grill cover, they are designed to protect your expensive BBQ from far more than just snow, rain, and cold weather.

BBQ grill covers help protect your BBQ from things like dirt, dust, pollen, and sap as well. They keep animals from scratching the outdoor appliance and keep away rust. They can also protect the grill against strong winds.

What types of BBQ grill covers are available?

There are BBQ grill covers that are fitted to specific BBQs, ones designed for specific brands (with the brand logo on the front), and universal ones that can fit any BBQ of a certain approximate size. If there's a BBQ grill cover for your exact model BBQ, it's worth investing in it for the perfect fit, though it will likely be more expensive.

Universal BBQ grill covers might not fit as nicely around the contours of the BBQ, but they do the trick and can save you a few bucks.

You can get an outdoor grill cover for everything from large and small BBQs to smokers, outdoor kitchens, and even ones for portable grills with handles for easy transporting. They most commonly come in black, grey, or beige.

Most BBQ grill covers are waterproof, and materials include UV- resistant polyester, along with vinyl PEVA, or Gardelle woven polyester. Some are even heavy duty or dual layer with a PVC lining inside for extra waterproof protection and/or reinforced seams.

What should you look for in a BBQ grill cover?

First, if buying a universal cover or a branded one that isn't designed for a specific model, measure width, height, and depth and account for any protrusions that might impact the fit to make sure the cover will fit snugly over the BBQ and reach all the way to the bottom. To eliminate the guesswork, look for a cover that's designed specifically for your BBQ.

Make sure the fabric is waterproof and consider dual layers if it snows or rains a lot where you live. If you get a lot of sun where the BBQ is set up, find a grill cover that is made from UV-resistant material that won't crack or fade in the sun. Built-in air vents are useful for helping prevent mold from forming.

Some barbecue covers have convenient features like adjustable straps and buckles, drawstring closures for a snug fit, padded handles for easily lifting it off and putting it back on, and hanging loops for storage.