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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Bedroom Sets

You roll over to hit the snooze button, only to stare bleary eyed at clutter, or worse, that ghastly hand-me-down dresser from your school days. You've been dreaming of a cozy setup for your bedroom, but are at a loss where to start. Rest easy. With a bedroom set, you can deck out your bedroom without having to wade through a dizzying parade of furniture options. Take a look at some commonly asked questions about bedroom sets to help you create your ideal retreat.

What's included in a bedroom set? How do I find the best one?

The more pertinent question might be: what's your idea of rest and relaxation? Bedroom sets come with beds from single to king size, and 2 or more coordinating bedroom items like a dresser and mirror. Think about how these pieces will work for you before deciding on the number of items.

Is your closet jam-packed? Does the sight of clutter give you sore eyes? You might want a dresser, chest or armoire to stow extra clothes or bedding. Do you bump heads, literally, over bathroom space? A vanity or mirror in the bedroom can help sort out your grooming routine in the morning.

What should I consider when buying a set?

If your bedroom's going for an interview, its furniture style will be the first thing to be noticed. But also ask yourself what size of bed you need, how much space you have to work with, and whether you could use extra storage.

Style matters

Your bedroom can be as subdued and minimalistic as you like, or as spruced up as a fancy bed and breakfast. Choose furniture that matches your existing home décor to create a cohesive look. Best Buy offers bedroom sets in collections, often grouped by furniture style.

When it comes to a traditional look, picture vintage furniture in heritage buildings with an upscale vibe and ornate, stylized detailing. Contemporary and modern styles are used interchangeably, and sport clean, geometric lines. Contemporary tends to be a catch-all for anything current, so it can be quite eclectic. Modern breaks from tradition, emphasizing simplicity and more neutral palettes. Transitional style blends traditional and contemporary, while rustic gives your home that country feel with its warm, wood construction.

Measure your room

The size of your room, including doorways, will dictate how big a bed and how many pieces you can fit without constricting your movements. For smaller spaces, less is more. Stick to a basic set which includes a bed with frame, nightstand, and dresser. If you have more real estate, you can indulge in deluxe sets with 6 pieces or more. They come with the basics plus a combination of nice-to-haves, such as a second nightstand, chest, dresser, armoire, vanity table, and mirror.

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