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Vanities: Makeup and Morning Routines Made Easier

If you share a bathroom, you know how much of a hassle it can be to wait around until someone else is done. Time is precious, especially when you need to blow-dry your hair, put on your makeup, or complete your evening skincare routine. With a vanity set though, you don’t have to wait around for the bathroom to free up when you need to touch up your look for work or get dolled up for a night out. A vanity table offers a comfortable, dedicated place to sit down to style your hair, put on makeup, and add finishing touches to your outfit of the day.

What is a Vanity?

A vanity set offers a dedicated space where you can sit down and pamper yourself. Whether that means straightening your hair or putting on jewelry, you’ll find it comfortable and convenient to spend more time on yourself when you have a makeup vanity. Often comprising a vanity table, vanity stool, and vanity mirror, a vanity set fits well into a bedroom or bathroom.

Should I Get a Vanity Set for my Bedroom?

If you have one bathroom in the home or live with a large family, consider adding a vanity table to your bedroom furniture. Not only does a vanity set give you a place for uninterrupted “me” time, it also provides storage space for makeup, jewelry, perfume, and other beauty supplies. When you have a bedroom vanity, you won’t have to worry about hogging the bathroom when you’re styling your hair or putting on makeup.

What Should I Look for in a Vanity Set?

Vanities come in all styles and sizes to fit into your space. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a bedroom or bathroom vanity.


Whether you’re looking for a bathroom or bedroom vanity, consider how much space you can afford for this piece of furniture. Vanity tables generally don’t take up too much room, but always measure your space before committing to one.


From elegant and traditional to clean and modern, vanity sets come in various styles to match your home décor. A classic vanity table with spindle legs and a prominent mirror will match a traditionally styled home. A modern vanity table with clean lines and an enclosed mirror will bring a minimalistic look and may even double as a desk.


A mirror is an essential piece of any vanity set. Some mirrors sit on top of the makeup vanity table, while others are hidden under the tabletop. For multi-angle views, consider a vanity desk with a three-way mirror. For that true dressing room feel, look for a lighted vanity mirror.


Drawers and shelves offer space for makeup, lotions, jewelry, and other daily essentials. Some makeup vanities have a pull-up tabletop that reveals a mirror and storage underneath. Others have dedicated drawers for more traditional storage.

Vanity Stool

Some vanity tables come with a matching vanity stool, while others don’t. A stool makes an ideal companion to a vanity table because it can tuck away under the table when you’re not using it. For the ultimate in comfort, consider a cushioned vanity stool.