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Spruce Up your Bedroom with Dressers and Chests Fit for any Décor

Choosing a dresser or chest in which to store your clothing or spare blankets isn’t just about convenience. A sturdy dresser or chest is a timeless piece of bedroom furniture as it can be placed wherever it’s needed and even passed down through the family generations. Add a touch of functional beauty to your home with Best Buy’s wide selection of dressers and chests from brands like South Shore, Monarch, Prepac, Sonax and NEXERA.

Dressers and Chests

While the labels are sometimes used interchangeably, dressers and chests differ by height. Dressers are usually low and wide, going no more than 35 inches tall, whereas chests reach up to chest-high, hence the name. Dresser drawers can be single stacked or placed side by side, with some models offering a mirror attached to the dresser itself or as a stand-alone piece that can hang on the wall. Given their high, narrow frames, chests usually sport a single stack of drawers, either starting at floor level or held aloft on legs.

Materials and Finish

A versatile and renewable resource, wood is the most commonly used material in furniture. Hardwood, such as oak, maple, teak or mahogany, is valued for its strength and aesthetic qualities, as it resists moisture, warping and shrinkage. Softwood like pine, spruce and fir is generally easy to work with and finishes well. Particle boards, which are made from compressed chips of wood, offer an economical option and, with veneer or plastic laminate, can give the impression of solid timber.