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Do more with the right bike accessories

Bike accessories like bike trailers, baby bike trailers, bike lights, and bike stands make your bike even easier to use, and that means you may want to spend even more time outdoors.

Which bike accessories should I choose?

What type of bike accessories you need depend on what type of bike you have and what you use it for. Some bike accessories are for safety while others will help your bike do double-duty for other tasks.

If you’re a dedicated road bike rider and you want a spot to store your phone or keys, you may want to add a bike bag to the back. Or, if you’ve always wanted to hit the road at night but you are worried you won’t be seen, a set of front and rear bike lights will be a must-have.

For storage, you’ll love having a dedicated bike rack in your yard, and there’s also mini-bells to alert someone you’re behind them or bike pumps to keep you inflated when you’re on the go.

How to choose the right bike trailer

When you want to hit the road for a day trip or spend a weekend riding in the great outdoors, you’ll need a bike trailer. A cargo bike trailer attaches to any bicycle with an included bike hitch, and it will let you pull cargo like backpacks, groceries, and more.

Most models of cargo bike trailer hold approximately 100 pounds, are easy to assemble and fold down, and some have covers to protect your gear from weather. If you need parts for your bike trailer, Best Buy has bike trailer parts including universal couplers so you can attach your trailer to any bike.

Take the entire family along with a baby bike trailer

Want the entire family to enjoy the experience of bike riding with you? When you have little ones at home, all you need is a baby bike trailer. A child bike trailer has a cozy interior compartment where you can safely secure one or two children, and you can easily attach the trailer to your own bike when you’re going for a ride. Many models have full suspension so your child has a smooth, comfortable ride.

When not in use as a bike trailer, some models allow dual-use as a jogging stroller. For storage, bike trailers will fold up easily for placement in your trunk or garage.

No matter what type of bike you ride or where you’ll be riding it, bike accessories can make your time outdoors even more fun. You can find a full range of bike accessories on Best Buy.