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Get around by riding, rolling, and boarding

More and more people are opting to put the car away and cycle, roll, or skateboard within the city, and there are plenty of benefits in doing so.

What products fall under cycling, rolling, and skateboarding?

Cycling, rolling, and skateboarding are all great ways to get around with manual movement, leaving the car at home and getting you moving quicker than walking on foot. The category consists of bicycles like road bikes, racer bikes, speed sport bikes, and mountain bikes. This includes bikes for both adults and kids, including tricycles and even balance bikes and tricycles for young ones just learning to ride.

The category also includes non-motorized scooters that can be used by riders as young as 2 years old. Some even fold up for easy transport and packing away in the garage, shed, or closet when you're not actively riding.

Skateboards of all kinds, meanwhile, help you get from Point A to Point B, enjoy fun at a park or on a trail, compete with friends, or simply learn a new hobby. They come in tons of cool colours and eye-catching designs to suit all ages.

When would you use cycling, rolling, and skateboarding gear?

Whether it's to take a quick trip to the store or meet a friend, go on a family outing to the nearby trail, ride around at the cottage or campsite, or get afternoon exercise, bicycles, scooters, and skateboards can be loads of fun.

They promote physical fitness, are a good outdoor activity to do either solo or with family, and contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Take your bike to the corner store to grab a carton of milk or take-out lunch when the weather permits: it's faster than going on foot, saves money, and reduces emissions. As more people do this, it will help reduce road congestion, particularly in busy urban centres.

Chances are there are bike lanes and routes, walking trails, and parks in your local area worth exploring with a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard. And cities across Canada have been upping their game when it comes to pedestrian safety.

What else should you get with a bike, scooter, or skateboard?

There are accessories worth getting to help keep you safe and enhance the experience. In most provinces, wearing a helmet is required for children and recommended for adults while riding a bike, scooter, or skateboard. It's important especially if you plan to use road bike lanes or embark on thrilling adventures by honing your skills at a skateboard ramp and park.

For commuting and running errands, a crate can house items you need to bring with you or bring home. You'll need cable locks to keep a bicycle or scooter safely locked up if you plan to leave it outside while you run into a local café for a smoothie or while you're at school or work.

Other useful accessories include a side kickstand for a bicycle, an upgraded and more comfortable seat, and a phone holder so you can keep it safely secured and in view while you ride.