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Bicycles for exercise, transportation and fun

There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom you get from riding a bicycle. Besides the fact that it’s a fun form of exercise, riding a bike is also a great family activity and a green mode of transportation.

Choosing a bike is simple when you shop at Best Buy. With a huge online selection of bikes, electric bikes, and bike accessories, you’ll soon be two-wheeling down any road or terrain you choose.

How to choose a bike

There are a lot of different types of bikes to choose from, and you’ll pick the one for you based on what type of biking you’d like to do. You can hit the mountain or the trail on a bike, use your bike to exercise or to get to work, or have fun with a trick bike you can take into a terrain park.

Types of bicycles

Bikes for exercise include road bikes or recreational and cruiser bikes. If you want to ride over gravel or rough terrain in all types of weather, you should look for a mountain bike or fat bike.

For someone who wants a mode of transport between work and school, an electric bike that blends your own horsepower with a motor is a great choice. Kids also love biking, and you can choose a balance bike or pre-bike when your little one is just learning to ride.

What to look for when choosing a bike

There are a lot of different considerations when you’re choosing a bike. Besides the type of experience you’ll want to have while riding a bike, you’ll also want to be aware of the size, type of bike components, and the weight and portability of the frame.

Components are what allow you to shift and brake on your bike, and the type of components will vary according to what type of bike to choose. Shimano is the most common kind of component brand, and there’s also SRAM and Campagnolo.

Bike weight is determined by what type of material the frame is created from. Steel bike frames tend to be heavier and aluminum bike frames are lighter.,/p>

What size of bicycle should you choose?

Having a bike that fits you can make all the difference to your comfort level while riding. Most bike frames are measured in centimeters and come in small, medium, and large frame sizes.

There are measurement charts to determine your sizing, but in the simplest terms it comes down to your stand over height: how tall the bike frame is from the ground. When standing over the frame, you want at least 2 cm of space between you and the bike.

What speed of electric bike do you need?

An electric bike is a great mode of transportation because it gives you extra power to get you where you need to go quickly. Although there are 350W, 500W, and 750W motor options that offer you varying power, Canadian regulations state that the top speed must be 32km/h for all electric bikes sold.

Whether you’re hitting the bike park or love to head out for a road ride, you can find the perfect bike for every experience at Best Buy.