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Bring home versatile bowls for your kitchen

Bowls are kitchen necessities. For many meals, you’ll use a bowl for preparation, for serving, and for saving leftovers. Often, a bowl can even be used in place of a plate when desired (something that usually won’t work the other way around). Out of all of your dishes, you’ll reach for your bowls the most often—so it’s smart to stock up.

Bowls have so many uses

A bowl is just a bowl, right? No, this essential piece of plateware comes in many different forms.

You can find bowls that are wooden, glass, ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel. Which type should you choose? Different types of bowls serve different purposes in the kitchen.

You may opt for a stainless-steel mixing bowl for baking bread or creating big batches of cookie dough. A set of soup bowls with a handle are a must-have if you enjoy hearty bowls of chowder. If you’re hosting a dinner party, you’ll want to take a look at delicate glass dessert bowls to make the biggest impression on your guests.

Soup, fruit, and breakfast bowls

There’s a different style of bowl for every purpose, but you’ll find the most popular are soup bowls, fruit bowls, and breakfast bowls. You would never choose a plate for these!

Fruit bowls will hold your favourite fruit salad or bowl of grapes. You can find this style of bowl in sturdy or delicate glass, stoneware, or plastic. They’re usually wide and deep to hold the most fruit.

Cereal bowls are perfect for a midnight snack or early morning breakfast. People love cereal bowls because they’re deeper than the standard bowl you’ll find with your dinnerware set.

Soup bowls are perfect for a piping hot bowl of broth on a cold day. You can find wide soup bowls for formal settings or deep with a handle for hot bowl of French Onion soup.

Mixing bowls and storage bowls

Anyone who bakes at home knows a mixing bowl is a must-have. Made from durable glass, stainless steel, or plastic, mixing bowls are deep enough to hold your cookie dough or cake batter without excess splattering.

Storage bowls hold your leftovers and keep them safe and secure for the next day. Some storage bowls have lids so you can take your leftovers with you to work or school.

Serving bowls and dessert bowls

When hosting a formal dinner party or just a casual get-together, you’ll want to have a variety of serving bowls. These beautifully present your main course and side dishes while looking just as stylish as your dinnerware.

If you’re going to serve dessert at your dinner party, why not present it in a bowl that’s as pretty as your culinary masterpiece? Dessert bowls will showcase everything from a bowl of ice cream to a decadent chocolate confection.

What to keep in mind when choosing bowls

Every kitchen is stocked in a different way. While one person may need several cereal bowls and would never require a dessert bowl, others need a full bowl set for their family as well as guests.

Keep in mind when choosing your bowls that some are hand-wash only, while others are dishwasher safe. The type of material you choose also factors into whether or not the bowl can go into the microwave or whether it will be hot to the touch when you pull it out.