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109 results

Porcelain, Ceramic, and China Dinnerware Sets for Every Occasion

Gathering your loved ones together over a shared meal is a bonding opportunity. Whether you enjoy hosting formal dinner parties for close friends or you appreciate a casual dining experience, it helps to have the right dinnerware sets to cater to any occasion. Having a durable dinner set for day-to-day family use as well as a deluxe set for entertaining guests is important. And, stocking up on a few spare bowls, plates, and other pieces to accommodate unexpected guests or accidental breakages is always a good idea. Best Buy carries a wide array of dish sets to help you accomplish the style you're looking for in your home.

What's Included in a Dinnerware Set?

Serverware sets typically include all of the staples you'll need to set the table for family and guests, such as dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and mugs. Some sets include additional pieces like serving platters and serving bowls. Common dinnerware sets range from 2 to 16 pieces, although some sets may include as many as 74 pieces.

What are Some of the Most Common Dish Materials?

Dish sets are intended to be a focal point of your table. Before you decide what style, colours, or patterns might work best with your existing dining room theme, it's helpful to think about which material might best suit your needs. Common dish materials include porcelain, ceramic, and China, and each material comes with its own benefits.

  • Porcelain: A versatile material that's incredibly durable, porcelain features a non-porous surface. This type of dinnerware is fired at high temperatures, and most varieties are dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe. However, porcelain pieces featuring metallic accents are not suitable for the microwave.
  • Ceramic: This material boasts an impermeable finish and a smooth appearance. Ceramic is a great, family-friendly choice for everyday use due to its durability. Ceramic dishes can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. Keep in mind, though - pieces with hand-painted details may require hand washing.
  • China: A long-lasting, resilient option, China is a suitable option for both everyday and special occasion events. The material has an elegant quality and resists chipping. Most China is suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher.
  • What are the Benefits of Purchasing a Serverware Set vs Individual Pieces?

    Based on your preferences, you can mix and match individual dishes like bowls and plates featuring different shapes and colours, or you can get a complete dinnerware set so you'll have for a more uniform look. Traditional round dining pieces pair well with virtually any setup while square-shaped pieces reflect more of a modern style. Both shapes look attractive when entertaining, particularly when smaller-sized dishes are stacked on top of larger ones.

    With individual pieces, you can select different patterns, shapes, and sizes to reflect your bright, colourful, and eclectic personality while adding a cheerful aesthetic to your dining table. For special occasions like holidays, bright colours are fun and festive, and you can coordinate specific colours to match the event you're celebrating. Individual pieces also offer a convenient solution for replacing broken or chipped plates, cups, or bowls.

    Formal dish sets usually include all of the pieces you'll need to host a larger group of people. An ideal fit for individuals or couples looking to build their dinnerware collection, serverware sets include multiple place settings to accommodate the entire table. Many people prefer the convenience of a complete dinner set. You can purchase white serverware that can be interchanged for both casual and formal use, and dress your table setting up or down with attractive dinnerware accessories such as a tablecloth, napkin rings, and coasters. Use accessories like solid or patterned table runners and napkins to add instant personality to an otherwise neutral table.