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Make, bake, and break bread to enjoy with your family.
Give rise to your own fresh bread, from dough to loaf, with our selection of bread makers.

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Baking up a fresh loaf of bread is easy with a bread maker

Making fresh bread for your family doesn’t have to be complicated. You can fill your home with the smell of baking bread as simply as adding ingredients and hitting the start button on a bread maker, which is also called a bread machine. A bread maker lets you whip up a loaf of fresh bread, buns, or do a speedy quick bread with no learning curve at all.

How do bread makers work?

There are several steps involved in making bread. You need to mix the dough to let the yeast activate. You mix the dough by kneading it. Once it’s been kneaded, you’ll have to let your dough rise in a warm place on your counter until it has doubled in size. When it’s has doubled you’ll want to knock the dough down again, place it in a baking tins, and let it rise once more. After the second rise you’re ready to bake.

It’s a lot of work to make a loaf of bread, but bread machines simplify the process without you having to do anything but touch the start button. A bread maker is an electric oven with an axle at the bottom. The axle is connected to a removable paddle, and in order to mix and knead, your bread machine will turn the paddle.

Once your bread maker has mixed, kneaded, and let the dough rise, it will bake your bread right in the bread machine. You also have the choice of taking your dough out before it bakes and baking it in your own tins.

You’ll find many different options on bread machines including different loaf sizes, options for crust colour, and yeast dispensers to customize when you add the yeast. The best bread machine may also have programmable options on LCD screens, delayed start buttons so you can have fresh bread when you get home from work, and automatic shut offs so you don’t over bake your loaf.

How do I choose a bread maker?

You can make all types of bread and dough in a bread maker including white, whole wheat, rye, cheese, cinnamon, and sweet breads. Having a bread maker will save you money on your grocery bill because you won’t have to buy bread. Because you control the ingredients, you’ll know exactly what’s in every loaf.

When choosing the best bread maker for you, you’ll need to decide what type of bread you’d like to bake. If you’re only interested in baking simple 2 lb. loaves of bread, you’ll want to look for a machine with one-button menus and a simple design.

If you’d like to customize your bread making experience and branch out into other types of dough or use your bread maker to do double-duty in your kitchen, you’ll want a more customizable bread machine with LCD screen, different loaf size options, and extra programmable options including dough, jam, and yogurt.

You’ll find all types of bread makers on Best Buy. Choose one and fill your home with the scent of freshly baked bread.