FAQ About Sous Vide

Fine dining doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Not when you have a sous vide water oven. This innovative machine uses a gourmet cooking technique to achieve flavourful, nutritious meals without any guesswork. Find out more about sous vide water ovens and how they can transform your meals from drab to fab.

What is a sous vide machine or water oven?

A sous vide machine, or water oven, cooks food in a vacuum-sealed pouch submerged in a water bath. It heats up to gentle yet exact temperatures to slowly cook food to perfection -- no culinary skills required.

Why should I buy a sous vide?

When it comes to easy temperature control and consistent cooking results, sous vide trumps other appliances in the kitchen. Because it maintains a low, precise target temperature, a sous vide machine cooks food evenly, so you're not left with overcooked edges on a sirloin or an undercooked centre on a chicken breast. You can even leave your meal simmering until your dinner guests arrive, as the water oven will keep it at serving temperature without the risk of overcooking. And thanks to the vacuum-sealed pouch, the sous vide method preserves nutrients, seasonings, and natural juices, so your meals come out wholesome, flavourful, and mouthwatering every time.

What can you make with a sous vide machine?

From soft-boiled eggs to juicy lemongrass chicken, there's an array of recipes you can tackle with a water oven. Impress your family or dinner guests with restaurant-quality appetizers, entrees, and desserts prepared to perfection in a water oven. A sous vide machine can make everything from Julia Child-worthy beef bourguignon to succulent salmon burgers to classic crème brûlée. The possibilities are near endless.

What features should I consider when choosing a water oven?

When shopping for a sous vide machine, there are many considerations. Opt for a machine with a capacity and depth large enough for your cooking needs, especially if large Sunday roasts and monthly dinner parties are in your calendar. For failsafe results, ensure the water oven offers precise temperature control and an ample temperature range. And for simple, after-meal cleanup, look for a machine that can be easily wiped clean.