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Create great meals with a pasta maker

Pasta makers make it easy to have fresh, delicious, homemade pasta with ingredients you can trust for your family.

Why Should You Buy A Pasta Maker?

There are many fine reasons to buy a modern pasta maker—it’s much faster and easier to use than hand cranking an old-fashioned pasta press, in many cases there’s no mixing necessary with modern pasta machines (they do the heavy lifting for you), and there are generally a variety of different pasta shaping discs included with modern machines (so you can have fresh spaghetti, penne, lasagna, fettuccine—whatever, any time you wish). But the best reason of all to get your very own pasta maker is because you absolutely love eating pasta!

And if you are a serious pasta lover, wouldn’t it be amazing to have some freshly made pasta any time you felt like it? That’s the main benefit you’ll enjoy if you buy your own pasta maker. Today’s top models offer fully automatic operation, allowing you to sit back and relax while the machine does all the work for you. All you have to do is toss the ingredients into the machine, choose the style of pasta you’d like to enjoy and affix the proper disc, and set the machine running. The pasta maker will do all of the mixing and kneading for you, and it’ll also extrude the fresh and finished product all in a single go.

How to Select Your Pasta Maker

Not all pasta makers are created equally. Different pasta makers have different capabilities, and some models may be more efficient than others. If you’re ready to select your own brand new pasta maker, there are a few important considerations to ponder before you close the deal.

For example, how many pasta shaping discs (if any) are included with the model you’ve been eyeing? Some models may provide 3 or 4 unique discs, while others may come with as many as 8 or 9. However, are the discs that are included with your pasta maker of choice representative of your favourite types of pasta? And, if something you especially like is missing, are you able to buy additional discs separately that will fit your chosen model?

Another key consideration is the pasta maker’s extrusion force. Does the machine you desire have the power to push a sufficient quantity of pasta through it quickly and efficiently? A pasta maker boasting 1,600 pounds of extrusion force will produce 1 pound of pasta in an approximately 15 minute session. Is that fast enough to keep up with your family’s appetite?

Other possible features of top pasta makers include built in storage drawers for the various discs and accessories, as well as special recipe books to inspire your pasta creations. Some fine machines even have a built-in auto-weighing feature to help you properly proportion your ingredients. For instance, the machine can weigh how much flour you’ve already put in and then automatically inform you of the proper amount of liquid to pour in to make your pasta perfectly textured and delicious. Features such as these make the entire process of pasta making an easy and convenient pleasure.