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Stock up on breast pump accessories

What breast pump accessories are available?

A variety of breast pump accessories are available at Best Buy from brands like Medela, Philips Avent, Ameda, and PumpEase, including breastfeeding pads, breast milk storage bags, and breast pump spare parts and accessories.

Breastfeeding pads are designed to stops leaks from getting onto your bra and clothing, while breast milk storage bags and other containers keep expressed breast milk safely in the refrigerator or freezer, in convenient single feeding servings.

Meanwhile, parts and accessories range from replacement parts for the pump should any piece break or get damaged or lost, to different breast or nipple shields if you want to keep extras on hand.

When would you need breast pump accessories?

Breastfeeding pads are ideal if you find that your milk comes in quickly and you leak often. Place them over your nipple and under your bra to prevent milk from leaking onto your shirt. These are especially useful for nursing moms who are back to work or go out often and want to avoid wet spots on their shirts.

Breast milk storage bags are perfect, once again, for moms who are back to work or travel but want their baby to still get breast milk from a bottle while they're away. They're also useful if mom wants her partner to feed the baby, too, and to get the baby used to a bottle along with the breast in preparation for eventual weaning. They're also ideal if mom simply produces more milk than the baby can drink, making sure that every drop of the precious breast milk is saved and stored safely.

Spare parts, as noted, are ideal to have if you need a replacement. But you might also want to have extras to keep one set at the office, for example, one at home, and one up at the cottage in case you forget.

What should you consider when choosing breast pump accessories?

With breastfeeding pads, how big a pack you buy will depend on how often you leak and how often you have to change them. This will also impact whether you opt for super-absorbent ones for heavy leakers or ultra-thin for just-in-case protection.

Breast milk storage bags come in multi-packs, so consider how much excess breast milk you tend to have after nursing, how often you pump and how much you get each time, and how much milk you want to have in storage. Some are steam microwavable so you can reheat the milk right in the bag. As an alternative to bags, there are also storage cups that might be easier to stack in a refrigerator (bags, meanwhile, might be easier for storing flat in the freezer).

If you're looking at spare breast or nipple shields, get the right size to ensure that they effectively help make nursing faster and more productive. They should feel natural and adapt to the shape of the breast. Sizes range from 16mm up to 27mm.