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26 results

FAQ About Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow is an essential item for any new mom. From providing support to raising your baby to an ideal feeding position, a nursing pillow offers a wealth of benefits to both mother and baby. Not sure what to look for in a nursing pillow? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

What are the benefits of using a nursing pillow?

Nursing pillows are either wrapped around your waist or placed in front of your tummy. This design provides exceptional comfort and support for your back, neck, spine, and arms, while bringing your baby close to your body so they can get a good latch.

What should I consider when buying a nursing pillow?


Breastfeeding or bottle feeding will be an ongoing routine that can last from 6 months up until toddlerhood. You'll need to find a nursing pillow that's large enough to accommodate your growing baby.


All nursing pillows feature different sized openings. Find one that's not too tight or too loose around your waist. The right fit should feel snug, comfortable, and stay in place when you feed your little one.


Most nursing pillows come in a U-shape and go around your waist, while others boast a tube design that rests in front of your midsection. The shape you settle on should deliver firm support and place your baby in the proper breastfeeding position. If your nursing pillow keeps your baby too low or brings them too high, you'll end up straining your back and neck muscles.


Some nursing pillows can be deflated so you can pack them in your bag and take them virtually anywhere. These convenient models make nursing on-the-go extremely easy and smooth.


Diaper leaks, baby spit-up, and dripping milk are bound to get your nursing pillow dirty. Opt for a pillow that's fully washable or one that comes with a removable, machine washable fabric cover.


When your breastfeeding days come to a close, consider using your nursing pillow as a support to teach your bundle of joy how to sit up. U-shaped pillows can be used for propping and can function as a sitter.

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