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Coffee Filters—The Unsung Heroes of Coffee Making

There’s nothing like the first cup of coffee in the morning. Waking up to a fresh pot is one of those little things that just makes life sweeter. To make this happen you need all the fundamental parts that go into making the perfect cup of coffee. One of the most crucial parts of the coffee making process is choosing the right  filter. Coffee filters are necessary to make your morning brew taste exactly like you want while waking you up. Filters help improve the extraction process and keep unwanted substances out of coffee, all while keeping your coffee tasting delicious. You can find the ideal fit you need with Best Buy’s wide selection of coffee filters.

What do coffee filters do?

A coffee filter can keep pulp to orange juice and keep the grounds out of your coffee. A good filter will keep your coffee clear and clean. However, they have more benefits than just keeping grounds out of coffee, they also trap substances that you want to prevent from putting into your pot. One example of this are oily substances called diterpenes, which can cause higher blood pressure levels. Filters will trap diterpenes out of your coffee alongside the grounds, making your cup clean and clear as can be.

Which coffee filters are best for you?

The coffee filter that’s best for you depends on the design of your coffee maker, but your options are often between disposable paper filters and reusable cloth, metal, or plastic coffee filters. Once you’ve determined the size that you need you can see which of these options are available to you. From there, you can choose your ideal fit.

Sticking to classic paper coffee filters may seem old school, but they’ve actually been proven to be most effective at keeping unwanted residue out of your coffee while keeping the taste of your coffee as fresh as possible. They are biodegradable, and you are able to compost them with your grounds. Reusable coffee filters are even more environmentally friendly and have to be cleaned thoroughly after every use. They come in metal and plastic, which are the easiest to clean. You can also use unbleached cloth filters, which are close to paper coffee filters but require more of a clean-up.

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