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29 results

Keep your coffee machine in like-new condition with a coffee machine cleaner

What is a coffee machine cleaner?

A coffee machine cleaner is a solution that can be used to clean out a coffee or espresso machine, or even a tea kettle, so the device can keep working as new, providing you with hot, delicious coffee every time, and working without issue.

They come in a variety of formats, including powders, dissolvable tablets, and liquid decalcifiers. You can get small packs of just four or eight, or larger bottles that can be used by the teaspoon or that include over a hundred tablets.

Usually the process requires that you add the solution to water, run a cycle, then rinse the equipment out. Brew a cup and discard it to ensure there’s no residue left, then voila! You have a clean machine.

What are the benefits of using a coffee machine cleaner?

Regularly cleaning out your coffee machine, about once a month, can extend its life and help maintain the taste and quality of each cup of coffee, espresso, or tea you brew.

You can (and should) wash coffee machine parts using warm soapy water or via the dishwasher for dishwasher-safe parts as well. And you can also use a solution of vinegar and water, which can help to decalcify the machines and get rid of hard minerals.

But did you know that coffee machines can contain yeast and mold? Coffee machine cleaners are a great way to further clean out calcium build-up, lime scale, harsh oils, and leftover residue to keep the machine operating like new.

What to look for in a coffee machine cleaner?

Some coffee machine cleaners are designed for specific machines or specific brands while others are universal and can work with any coffee or espresso machine. You can also get maintenance kits that include coffee machine cleaners along with other items like water filter cartridges and cleaning brushes, for a specific machine or type of machine. Alternatively, you can use a dishtowel, small cleaning brush, or even old toothbrush, to clean out crevices and small parts if needed after using a coffee machine cleaner.

Look for powders, tablets, or liquid solutions that are biodegradable (or come in biodegradable packaging) and odourless so they won’t impact the smell or quality of your coffee. Some originate from GMO-free sources, which you might appreciate. Also look for a non-corrosive material that won’t damage your machine over time.