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  • What collectible toys should you bring home next?

    Whether you know someone with a whole wall of cute collectible toys in their home or you’ve kept your own vintage toy car collection for the past 30 years, it’s not hard to see why so many people love to collect and share collectible toys.

    Collectibles and toys make great gifts

    From the gamer to the movie buff and every type of collector in between, collectible toys make great gifts. For the 80’s movie buff, a Funko Pop Gremlins vinyl figure will take top spot on their shelf. If you’ve got a gamer in your house and they’re a huge fan of Overwatch, bringing home the Funko Nendoroid Tracer will make them smile.

    What kind of people buy collectible toys

    There’s a few different types of people who covet collectible toys. If you grew up with the Star Wars franchise and feel as though Luke Skywalker could be your brother, you’ll love to recreate and remember your childhood with a full scale lightsaber or your very own Star Wars Resistance Ski Speeder.

    If you’re just getting started with vintage toys and you’re wondering what toys to collect, take a look at what dealers and collectors are looking for. They seek out the rare, most collectible toys, and they might be searching for vintage toys from the 50’s, specific items like the most valuable Star Wars toys, or the vintage transformer toys you played with when you were young.

    How to display collectible toys

    You’ve just scored yourself a rare collectible toy you’ve been searching for. How do you display it? There’s a lot of different ways you can highlight a single toy or display an entire collection of cute collectible toys.

    If you have a collection of marvel collectible action figures, you could line them up on a shelf in your living room or display them in a display case beside your Blu-ray collection. You could put a set of collectible toy trains in several shadow boxes and hang them on the wall, or you could put your pop culture figures on display among a pile of your favourite anime books.

    How to store collectible toys

    If you’d like to pack your collectible toys away and want to ensure they remain safe and sound, you could pack them in storage boxes, storage cubes, or storage cases. Some storage cases are clear so you can still see your collectibles, but because they’re enclosed you know they’ll be protected from dust, heat, and excess wear.

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