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105 results

Computer Cleaning with Air Dusters, Keyboard Cleaners & More

Let’s be honest – how often do you clean your computer? And no, we’re not talking about cleaning the laptop screen with a tissue or paper towel. We’re talking the dirty stuff – clearing crumbs from the keyboard, obliterating dust bunnies from the fan, and finally wiping off that sticky residue on your mouse from that time you spilled coffee on your desk. (Don’t worry, we get it – breakfast while working equals multitasking). All this computer cleaning may seem like a tedious chore, but regular maintenance will pay off in the long term.

To get on the right track of a cleaner computer, start with Best Buy’s large selection of computer care and cleaning products. We’ve got air dusters, keyboard cleaners, screen wipes, computer cleaning swabs, and more to help make your computer cleaner.

Why Should I Clean My Computer?

A clean computer is a happy computer. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to regularly clean your computer.

Health and Personal Hygiene

Computers and their peripherals are breeding grounds for dust, dirt, and germs. But, cleaning your computer on a regular basis can help eliminate dirt and allergens to help you stay healthier.

Computer Longevity and Functionality

Keeping your computer clean inside and out can boost the longevity and functionality of your machine. Trapped dust and dirt, as well as obsolete programs and files, can slow down your machine. So, stay on top of it all by wiping down the computer and wiping out unnecessary files and programs.

Reduction in Overheating

A dust-ridden computer needs to work harder to stay cool. This could lead to overheating or even malfunction. Help reduce this risk by keeping the computer’s fans, heat sinks, and other internal parts clean and dust free.

What Parts of the Computer Need Cleaning?

Computers are intricate machines that need special care. Here are some parts that can benefit from cleaning.

Laptop Screen or Monitor

Cleaning the computer screen is one of the easiest things you can do on a regular basis. When dust starts accumulating, grab some monitor cleaning wipes or a soft microfibre cleaning cloth to help keep the screen pristine.


The chassis, or exterior of your computer, is especially susceptible to dirt and dust. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, it’s a good idea to regularly wipe the exterior with a soft microfibre cloth.


Do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) eat at your desk? Well, chances are there are muffin crumbs and toast tidbits lurking around in your keyboard. With an air duster, you can blast those bits out of the keyboard to keep it clean. And for stubborn stickiness, use cleaning swabs to get into every crook and crevice.


Mice need a little TLC, too. Dust can build up around the sensors, making dragging and clicking a real drag. To get your mouse back on track, wipe off the dust with a microfibre cloth or blow it out with a computer duster.

Interior Fan

Is the whir from your computer getting louder? This might be a sign that the internal fans need a good clean. You’ll need to open up your computer for this one – so make sure you know what you’re doing, or enlist the help of Geek Squad for your computer cleaning needs.

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