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Stay Safe with a Travel Wallet

When you’re travelling, the last thing that you want to worry about is keeping your identity safe. Thankfully, Best Buy’s selection of travel wallets are designed to protect against both pickpockets and rogue RFID scanners.

What is a Travel Wallet?

Travel wallets are a category as broad as traditional wallets. Some are designed simply to allow you easy, organized access to your different methods of payment; others are designed for extra protection.

Leather travel wallets and leather credit card caddies are often designed for the former rather than the latter. They offer a bit of extra space: enough for your standard credit cards, but with a bit more in order to store your extra bus passes or currency types.

Traditional Anti Theft Wallets

The easiest way to help avoid pickpocketing is to simply move your most theft-prone items into a safer location. (Simple but true!) Neck wallets are a great first option for an anti theft wallet: they’re small and comfortable, with more functionality than a simple passport holder. Designed to be worn around your neck, under your shirt, neck wallets are great for travellers going to hot places or holding items that they may need to access in a restroom partway through the day.

Another common option for anti theft wallet-style organizers is a waist wallet. These wallets tend to hold more than a neck wallet, and will hold your belongings more securely against your body. They’re a better choice if your neck wallet will show, but can be more uncomfortable in hot weather.

Most waist travel pouch styles have one or two pockets, allowing you to store cash, credit cards, and passports. Make sure to leave some cash in your regular travel wallet for day to day purchases, and never indicate to anyone else that you have an anti theft wallet underneath your clothing!

To combat theft in the modern age, look for an anti theft wallet with RFID protection and slash-resistant straps (these are often reinforced with wires).

Day to Day Travel Wallets

For getting around every day, safe travellers will need more than just an anti theft wallet to wear under their clothing. As anti theft wallets are designed to hide your extra cash, daily accessories like leather travel wallets are a better choice for cash that you’ll be using.

Whether or not you’ll need a new travel wallet is up to you. They’re designed to make travelling easier (just like your travel pillow or adapters). However, if you already carry a secure, RFID protected leather wallet at home, it’ll work just as well in a foreign destination! If that’s the case, simply ensure that you have space to keep extra cash, cards, and your passport safe.