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Promote learning with educational toys

Please both kids and parents with educational toys that combine learning with fun.

What are educational toys?

An educational toy is any toy with educational value. Many toys for kids of all ages technically fit the bill if they promote dexterity, hand-eye coordination, counting, vocabulary, problem-solving skills, patterns, colours, and even coding and other STEM themes. Some toys, however, focus more on education than others. These typically fall into one of five categories: robot toys, coding kits, creative toys, STEM toys, and smart toys and robotics.

Educational toys range from simple wooden puzzles and blocks for toddlers to more complex coding and STEM toys for older children, like coding robots, kits, and computers. For younger kids, they’ll feature bright colours and large lettering or numbering to excite them about learning and exploration.

There is typically an interactive component with educational toys through moving pieces, building, or using an electronic device with feedback through sounds, voice, and movement. You’ll find educational toys for toddlers to teens: even educational toys for 1-year-olds.

What types of educational toys are available?

As noted, educational toys run the gamut. At the simplest level, educational toys for babies or kindergarten learning toys would include items like puzzles, wooden blocks, flashcards, building blocks, or even activity cubes for babies. As you move up, you’ll find things like learning tablets with various games and activities that combine fun with learning.

For older kids and more advanced learning, there are coding kits, robotics toys, STEM toys, and learning kits that combine a variety of different activities. Note that there are also simpler robot and even coding toys for younger kids that start with easy coding actions, like adding a few instructions to make an electronic toy move forward, backyards, left and right, for example.

Educational toys can also include things like smartwatches that help kids learn to tell time or even programmable Lego bricks, light boxes, and touch-enabled interactive world maps.

Why are educational toys important?

Educational children’s toys are important because they help a child learn and develop important skills, whether it’s colours, letters, and numbers for toddlers or familiarity with STEM learning through the basics of coding.

All kids play with toys and parents love educational toys because they combine that fun with valuable learning. Even if some educational toys require screen time, the child is using that screen time wisely to work on their cognitive thinking, problem-solving, and overall development.

With varying levels of difficulty, many educational toys can grow with kids offering different activities suitable for different age groups as needed. Getting kids started early with educational toys will help them gain a better understanding of the world around them, and the basics of things like addition, spelling and grammar, coding, and more. Kids also develop emotional intelligence through learning patience, hard work, resilience, and cooperative play.