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Get kids into STEM learning with coding toys

Coding will be an essential skill going forward, and coding toys not only teach kids the basics, but they’re fun, too.

What are coding toys for kids?

Coding toys are electronic toys that typically work alongside a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. They teach kids how to use commands to make a toy move, make sounds, illuminate, and even perform complex stunts. This is accomplished through different coding and programming languages, like binary.

Kids set up their own instructions using the commands, which they learn little by little through an app or instruction booklet. Then, they initiate the command to make electronic toys like a robot or car move forward and backward, blink, dance, or even light up. Detailed step-by-step instructions help kids through the process, and they’ll be coding in no time.

Coding toys are available for kids in the early years all the way up to more complicated and challenging coding for teens. Many coding toys begin with simple coding, and kids have the opportunity to do more as they get comfortable.

What types of coding toys are available for kids?

Coding toys usually come in the form of robots and vehicles but also include things like light panels, building blocks, and other small objects. Starter kits from popular brands like Osmo help younger kids learn the basics, with varying types of kits and levels of difficulty so they can move up and challenge themselves as they increase their knowledge.

Some coding toys include fun characters and other pieces and obstacle courses, with the ability to get extra parts and add-ons to expand as skills develop. Coding games add another level of fun to the experience.

There are even coding toys designed specifically for girls, aimed at getting young females interested in the male-dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields at a young age.

Why are coding toys important for kids?

Coding is an important part of many jobs, and programming for kids is a useful skill for them to develop at a young age. Even a basic level of knowledge of coding for kids will be valuable as they get older.

Coding toys help kids develop problem-solving skills and logical thinking habits. Kids start with detailed instructions, and eventually, will begin to understand and program things on their own. Coding toys promote creativity, experimentation, and cognitive and computation thinking.

If kids are going to be spending time on screens, using coding toys can make this time educational, fun, and interactive. Kids get the satisfaction of knowing they control toys with commands they write themselves. It might be as simple as moving a robot or caterpillar toy back and forth, or more involved, like having it navigate around obstacles, make noises at specific points, and even retrieve small items.