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Get a boost of power with an electric eBike

Electric bikes (or eBikes) are becoming more popular as they provide extra power for cycling to get up hills, build stamina, and have fun.

What is an electric bike and what types are there?

eBikes come in the same main forms as standard bicycles, including electric mountain bikes (for off-road riding), electric cruiser bikes (recreational riding), and electric hybrid bikes (commuter bikes) for long distances, but they include a battery-operated motor to provide extra power as needed. In most cases, you can choose how much power you need through a feature called pedal assist, or just cruise with throttle assist bikes. When the battery runs out, pedal like a normal bike.

Electric bikes are great for scaling large hills and endurance help for long distances. They encourage those who were reluctant to go riding to join in on the fun since you get power assistance as needed if you get tired or reach a massive incline.

Electric bikes, also called ebikes, can usually go from 29 to 45 km/hr. and 24 to 97km per charge, depending on the model. They typically take 3.5-6 hours to recharge. Electric bikes are available from brands like GoPowerBike and GoTyger, Xiaomi, and GOTRAX.

Are eBikes worth it?

Electric bikes can give you the confidence to ride if you feel you might not be able to without assistance. Features like step-through frames make it easy to mount and dismount the bike, further making them appealing to first timers.

But electric bikes are also great for commuters, helping you get to work or school faster and with greater ease. Save money on gas, not to mention help the environment by cycling versus driving a car; and get exercise in the process. Some ebikes are foldable so they won't take up a lot of room in your house, apartment, or garage, and pack away nicely for transport.

For those who run a lot of city errands, make deliveries, or like trail riding, there's an electric bike type to suit. Check out our detailed buying guide for more insight into how to find the right electric bike for you.

What is the advantage of buying an electric bike?

The best electric bike can motivate you to hit the open road or trails when you might not feel as though you have the stamina to do it, or in spots where hilly terrain has otherwise kept you from riding. Because of the long range and quick speeds, you can use an electric bike for commuting more easily than you would with a standard bike. This could be in place of a car for a more eco-conscious mode of transportation when doing things like grabbing light groceries, especially for ebikes with cargo space in the back.

Electric bikes are compact, especially folding electric bikes or mini electric bikes, and pedal assist means you can use as much power as you need, when you need it, then ride as usual when you don't. 

With Geek Squad offering assembly and maintenance services, it has never been easier to jump aboard electric bikes.

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