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Electric Scooters: A Fun and Practical Way to Get Around

We have no proof of this, but we're pretty sure that early humans looked at the newly-invented wheel and wondered, "What's the coolest and most fun way I can use this to get around?" Many years later, we have a lot of answers to that question, and one of them is the electric scooter.

On a very basic level, an electric scooter is a scooter (usually with 2 wheels, but some have 3) that's equipped with an electric motor. They're available in a wide range of form factors and are designed for different uses, but they all have at least one thing in common: they're fun to ride.

Features of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters come with a variety of features that enhance their ease of use and comfort. Below are some of the most popular features that riders appreciate:

Motor Power and Speed

Deluxe models feature powerful motors, with some capable of reaching speeds up to around 45kph. Always check your province's regulations for any speed restrictions in your area.

Design and Portability

Many electric scooters come in folding designs, allowing for easy storage or transportation on public transit, making them ideal for commuters or those on the go.


Electric scooters are designed with various riding postures in mind. Some models are meant to be stood upon, akin to traditional kick scooters, while others come with a comfortable seat, catering to longer rides.

Benefits of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters offer numerous benefits that can enhance your daily life. Here are some of the most significant advantages they provide:

Enhanced Commuting

Electric scooters can transform your commuting experience by allowing you to zip around faster than walking and avoid traffic snarls. Imagine pulling up to the office on your e-scooter, ready to start the day with energy and enthusiasm.

Advanced Safety Features

Look for scooters with advanced braking systems and robust suspension for smoother, safer rides on uneven surfaces. Larger wheels and integrated lights also enhance safety by improving stability and visibility.

Technology Integration

Today’s electric scooters often come equipped with features like GPS tracking and app connectivity, adding layers of convenience and security that appeal especially to tech-savvy individuals.

Environmental and Economic Efficiency

Electric scooters offer a greener alternative to motorized scooters. They operate quietly, reduce emissions, and are more cost-effective in the long run due to lower maintenance needs and no fuel expenses.

Exploring Different Types of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are available for every age and build, ensuring that there is a perfect model out there for everyone.

Scooters for Everyone

Whether for kids, adults, or seniors, there's an electric scooter to fit various needs and preferences. Features like adjustable handles, varying motor strengths, and different sizes make them versatile for all ages.

Mobility Scooters

Designed specifically for those with mobility issues, these scooters focus more on practical use and ease of operation, providing essential support for everyday activities.

Electric Scooters vs Motorized Scooters

While motorized scooters can offer higher speeds, they are often noisier, more expensive, and less environmentally friendly than their electric counterparts. Electric scooters are the smarter choice for those who value sustainability, quiet operation, and lower running costs.

There is an electric scooter for everyone

Each type of electric scooter brings its own set of advantages, catering to diverse demands from fun and agility to practical mobility solutions. Browse our selection today to find the e-scooter that best fits your lifestyle and begin enjoying the myriad benefits it offers.

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