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  • Electric Scooters: A Fun and Practical Way to Get Around

    We have no proof of this, but we're pretty sure that early humans looked at the newly-invented wheel and wondered, "What's the coolest and most fun way I can use this to get around?" Many years later, we have a lot of answers to that question, and one of them is the electric scooter.

    On a very basic level, an electric scooter is a scooter (usually with 2 wheels, but some have 3) that's equipped with an electric motor. They're available in a wide range of form factors and are designed for different uses, but they all have at least one thing in common: they're fun to ride. 

    Features and Benefits of Electric Scooters 

    The chief benefit of a scooter with an electric motor is pretty obvious: you can zip around faster than you would just using your muscles, and go for longer distances. This means some electric scooters aren't just a hoot to ride, they can also be used for commuting or going on short errands. Just imagine all the admiring looks (and high fives!) you'd get when you pull up to the office on your electric scooter. If it's one of the folding designs, you'll be able to fold it up for convenient storage, or for taking onto a bus or train. 

    Some scooters are designed to be stood upon, like a traditional kick scooter, while others include a seat so you can ride in comfort. Deluxe models feature powerful motors, some of which can hit speeds up to around 45kph. (Check your province's regulations for any speed restrictions in your area.) 

    If you plan on doing a lot of riding in the city or areas with uneven surfaces, look for a scooter a strong suspension and larger wheels, which provide a smoother ride. You'll also want a good braking system, because what goes fast must slow down (unless you really enjoy crashing). 

    Most electric scooters are equipped with a rechargeable motor. The run time of the motor, and the amount of time it takes to recharge, will vary depending on the power and features of the motor. 

    Types of Electric Scooters 

    If you browse the selection of available electric transportation such as electric scooters you'll find models for kids, adults, and everyone in-between. Choosing the right scooter for you or your kids will depend on size, price, and desired features (like a seat or folding capability, to name a few). 

    "Mobility" electric scooters are designed for those people with mobility issues, and so they're meant more for practical use rather than zipping around for fun. 

    Another type of scooter is the motorized scooter, which features a gas-powered motor. Motorized scooters tend to have higher top speeds, but can be noisier and more expensive.

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