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FAQ About Exercise Bikes

An exercise bike is a great way to stay healthy and active amid a busy lifestyle. Only have time to squeeze in a 10-minute session before dropping the kids off at hockey practice? With an exercise bike at home it's easy to hop-on and hop-off whenever you find the time. Read on to see if an exercise bike is a good fit for you and your family.

How will an exercise bike help me achieve my fitness goals?

Exercise bikes are great because of their convenience. It doesn’t matter how bad the traffic is or how miserable the weather is -- you can comfortably and quickly get your daily workout completed hassle-free. Cycling itself helps you burn calories and build leg muscles without being too hard on your joints. This can reduce the aches, pains, and injuries often associated with activities like jogging.

What are the different types of exercise bikes available?

There are 3 different types of exercise bikes: standard, spin, and recumbent. Standard exercise bikes and spin bikes resemble regular bicycles, while recumbent exercise bikes allow the user to sit almost in a reclined position, which offers great lower back support.

Standard exercise bikes feature an upright, straight-back sitting position, putting most of the focus on your leg muscles. Spin exercise bikes force the rider to sit forward, more closely mimicking the feel of riding outdoors, which focuses the workout on your core as well as your legs. Recumbent bikes are ideal for those with mobility issues, offering a less intensive workout with full lower back support.

What features should I look for in an exercise bike?

Certain ease-of-use features, such as a display that shows how far you've cycled and how many calories you've burned, can make your workout more informative and efficient. Some bikes also have built-in heart rate monitors so you can track your ideal cardiovascular workout. Many bikes feature a variety of preprogramming options, including personal profiles (great if you're sharing the bike with other users) and pre-set tracks that mimic the feel of riding outdoors on different types of terrain and inclines.

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