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Cardio machines are essential for the home gym

A cardio machine like a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, or rowing machine, helps get your heart rate up while you exercise in your home gym.

What is a cardio machine and how is it different from other gym/training machines?

A cardio machine is a large piece of gym equipment designed to get you moving such that your heart rate increases and stays at peak levels while you burn fat and calories, work muscles, and increase your breathing rate.

This is different from other gym/training machines like all-in-one home gym equipment designed for strength training that might include weights and ropes for working on building muscles, or weight benches to accommodate you while you lift dumbbells, do sit-ups, or work on other core, arm, or leg exercises.

There are a variety of cardio machines from which to choose, from ones you sit or stand on to ones that particularly target specific parts of your body and muscles. Some are even designed to fold or fit under furniture in small spaces so you can take them out as needed.

What are the different kinds of cardio machines?

There are four types of cardio machines: treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and rowing machines. Premium cardio machines come with built-in screens or mounts for a tablet or smartphone so you can follow live and/or on-demand workouts from a subscription service.

Treadmills have a flat moving surface to simulate walking or running outdoors. Use different speeds and incline options to adjust the level to your liking, whether you want to get your heart rate going at peak level or just want a leisurely walk.

There are a variety of exercise bikes, from spin bikes to recumbent. Get a workout in varying levels of intensity while you pedal quickly, slowly, or even while standing up.

Ellipticals focus on simulating the act of climbing stairs as your legs move up and down on the foot pedals; while rowing machines simulate the act of watercraft rowing as you sit and move your body back and forth on the track at varying levels of resistance.

What are the benefits of buying a cardio machine for your home gym?

Cardio machines allow you to enjoy intense exercises indoors, from the comfort of your home. This is ideal when the weather outside isn't favourable, or you have a baby or kids at home and can't get outside for a run or cycle, or to go to the gym. You can safely exercise in the early morning or late-night hours when the timing works for you.

Getting your heart rate up while exercising helps maximize results and improve heart and lung health, and oxygen flow throughout your body. The best cardio machine helps burn calories, build muscle strength and endurance, and shed fat.

Complementary on-screen workouts or even outdoor scenery via a subscription-based service can motivate you as you cycle, walk, run, or row, making cardio machines more enticing than ever. A cardio machine is a perfect addition to your home gym that you can use at a level that suits you, increasing intensity as you get into better shape.