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Get a Grip on Game Day With the Right Football

Whether you dream of Super Bowl stardom or play in a touch football league, you need the right football to propel your game. From fun foam footballs to smart, connected balls, Best Buy has you covered with footballs for all ages and occasions.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Football?

Type of Material

Footballs range from soft, foam toys designed for kids to leather pigskins made for the pros. The material you choose depends on how you'll use the football and how much you want to spend.


Foam is a lightweight, low-cost option if you want a football for occasional backyard tosses or beach bashes. Because they're soft, foam footballs are also ideal for youngsters learning to throw and catch.

Rubber or Composite Leather

Less expensive than genuine leather, rubber and synthetic leather make durable and affordable footballs. Great for touch football in the park or practices before the big game, rubber and composite leather footballs are better at resisting moisture than their leather equivalents. Their pebbled texture makes them easy to grip, but they may be harder to hold onto when wet.

Genuine Leather

Though they're called pigskins, footballs aren't actually made of a pig's skin. Generally made of cowhide, genuine leather footballs are the most durable, high-quality option available. Their tanning process makes them tacky and easy to grip, even during rainy day matches. But they're also more expensive, so save them for big games or professional play.

Correct Size

Size matters -- when it comes to footballs. Whether you're shopping for a pee wee player or a college quarterback, consider the size of the football for the player. Generally, official, regulation-size footballs are recommended for people aged 14 and up, making them great for high school, college, and pro athletes.

Smart Features

With a smart football, you can track your stats, improve your throw, and go that extra mile toward being a better quarterback. Built-in sensors can measure things like spin rate, velocity, and distance, while connected apps can help you train through simulation modes and challenges.

What's the Difference Between an Official NFL Football and Others?

All official NFL footballs are and have been made by sporting goods brand Wilson since the NFL's inception in 1941. Crafted of cowhide, these footballs are tanned with a super-secret, weather-optimizing recipe that you likely won't find in standard footballs. They're also slightly larger than other balls, and stamped with "NFL" for authenticity.

What Football Should I Buy For My Kid?

Is your tike learning to throw? Does your teen dream of becoming the next star quarterback? When shopping for footballs, consider your child's age and use of the football. Football sizes are generally classified by league and age group: pee wee for players aged 6 to 9; junior for players aged 9 to 12; youth for players aged 12 to 14; and official for players aged 14 and up.

If you're shopping for your kid's first football, a foam one is a good starting point. As your wee one perfects their throw and catch, you can upgrade to a synthetic leather football. And when they're no longer little and scoring touchdowns in high school, consider a genuine leather football for some serious sportsmanship.