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65 results


Choosing the Right Boxing & Martial Arts Equipment

Getting the best possible boxing or martial arts workout starts with having the right equipment. While many people may not be aware, there are actually many different types of punching bags, gloves, and training equipment to choose from. It’s important to select the proper equipment to fit your personal fitness goals and training space. Below is a guide on the different types of equipment available to maximize your training workouts.

Types of Punching Bags

There are many different types and styles of punching bags you can choose from for specific training goals. The first step is understanding what each bag is best suited for. Heavy bags are ideal for boxing and kicking as they provide enough resistance for strength training and conditioning. On the other hand, lightweight bags are intended for less intense cardio workouts. Lighter bags also help you time your boxing shots since they swing on impact, simulating the movement of a real opponent.

Free standing vs. hanging bags

Heavy bags—used to develop your power, conditioning, and technique—come in two main types. The first is a free standing bag designed to sit atop a stand. A major advantage of this type of bag is they can be easily moved around, enabling you to store them after use. Free standing bags are also the right height for leg conditioning workouts. The second option are hanging bags, which are suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall. Hanging bags are ideal for punching focused workouts.

Speed bags

Another common type of punching bag boxers and martial artists use are speed bags. A speed bag is an essential tool used to hone your speed and timing. They provide a high-intensity workout focused on developing hand-eye coordination and a good rhythm. Another benefit of speed bags is they force you to keep your hands up during training, which helps develop proper technique.

Different types of training & boxing gloves

Having the right pair of gloves for your training is essential for both efficiency and safety. Bag gloves cover your entire hands and are designed solely for use with heavy bags. Training gloves, also called sparring gloves, have a similar design but contain extra padding to absorb more impact. They provide more protection so you don’t hurt your sparring opponent.

Another popular style are MMA grappling gloves, which are denser and have more stable padding. The strong Velcro strap on the wrists and exposed fingertips combine to provide an excellent balance of dexterity, protection, comfort, and durability. Kickboxing gloves are similar, typically having thinner wrist padding for more flexibility and manoeuverability.

Training equipment essentials

Having the right tools for training can improve your performance while also protecting you from injury. Hand wraps support your wrists and knuckles during boxing and martial arts training by absorbing impact. Head gear is built from a soft and adaptable material that absorbs strikes and retains its original shape. Focus mitts are used to augment sparring and help sharpen reflexes and condition the body.

With so much variety, it’s important to find the right equipment that fits your training needs.