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Sports Equipment: Everything You Need to Play All Day

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love sports, and those who don't like to have fun. We're kidding, of course, but there's no denying that playing your favourite sport can be one of the best things in the world. For most sports you need some gear, whether it's as simple as a football you can toss around with a buddy or a basketball hoop in your driveway that allows you to practice your 10-foot power dunks.

Best Buy carries the sports equipment you need to get into the game. Browse our selection of sporting goods and choose the ones that fit your fancy, then get out there and play!

Inflatable Boating and Water Sports Equipment

Summertime is all about bright sunshine, hot weather, and frolicking in large pools of water as often as humanly possible. Maximize your fun on the water with inflatable boats, chairs and toys, paddleboards, accessories, and much more.

Golf Equipment

Do you like to practice your swing even when you're not holding a club? Do you have dreams about sinking a birdie putt at Augusta National and slipping on the fabled green jacket? If you answered yes then you, my friend, are a golf nut and need to shop for golf equipment at Best Buy. Don't take too long, though - the greens are waiting.

Soccer Balls

Soccer is a fun sport that only requires a ball and a playing surface. If you pick up some soccer gear and take it to the local park on a beautiful sunny afternoon, there's a good chance you'll soon attract the attention of friendly strangers who can't wait to join in and play "the beautiful game."

Hockey Equipment

There's a good reason why hockey is Canada's official winter sport: it's awesome! Even if there isn't any ice around, all you need to do is get your hands on a ball, some sticks, and a net and before you know it you'll have a hockey game going on the street. Just be ready to move out of the way when someone yells "Car!"

Basketball Gear

Driveways are supposed to be for cars, but most kids know the truth: the best use for a driveway is a place where you can dribble a basketball and play one-on-one with a friend. Whether you want to mount a basket and backboard above the garage door or bring home a self-standing hoop, you can find the basketball gear you need at Best Buy.

Volleyball Equipment

One of those sports that just screams "Summertime!", volleyball can be fun to play in the backyard or on the beach. Just grab your volleyball stuff such as the net and ball, then get ready to have a ton of fun.

Football Equipment

Playing football doesn't necessarily require a 120-yard field, a full set of pads, and a high tolerance for pain. All you really need is some football gear, a few friends, and a clear understanding that you're playing touch football, not tackle. Or you can tell a buddy to go long and practice your long-distance accuracy.

Other Sports Equipment

Browse's selection of sports supplies and you'll find gear that's perfect for both team sports and individual activities. If your kid plays school sports and wants to practice at home, you'll be able to pick up the gear they need to sharpen their skills.