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FAQ About Fryers

From succulent crispy chicken to gooey mozzarella sticks, a fryer gives you the ability to cook up mouthwatering fried treats in the comfort of your own home. Not sure what to look for in a fryer? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may.

What is the difference between a deep fryer and air fryer?

Deep fryers and air fryers fry vegetables, meats, and more to give them a delicious taste and crispy exterior. Although they serve the same purpose, deep fryers and air fryers use different cooking methods. Deep fryers deliver that yummy, traditional fried food taste by submerging food in large amounts of hot oil, while an air fryer takes a healthier approach by using minimal oil and cooking food like an oven would. Both appliances are easy to operate and come equipped with adjustable temperature controls so you can experiment with a variety of recipes.

What should I look for in a deep fryer?

Size and capacity

Deep fryers typically feature 2 to 12 cup capacities. The majority of models offer 5 to 6 cup capacities which produces a good amount of food for 2 people.

Rotating and flipping baskets

Rotating baskets are dipped in and out of oil until food is perfectly crisp. This method requires less oil and produces less greasy results. If you're interested in making desserts like doughnuts or funnel cakes, opt for a fryer with a flipping basket.

Anti-odour filter

Deep fryers can leave an unpleasant smell behind after cooking. To avoid unwanted odours, look for a model equipped with a filter system.

What should I look for in an air fryer?

Size and capacity

If you don't want your fryer to take up too much counter space, consider an air fryer. Most air fryers are significantly smaller than deep fryers because food doesn't need to be placed in a hot oil bath. Don't let the size fool you, though. Despite their compact design, air fryers generally feature 1.5 to 2 pound capacities which can easily feed 2 to 4 people.

Basket removal

Retrieving your basket of fried goodies doesn’t need to be difficult. Some air fryers include a basket inside a removable drawer, while others feature an opening top lid.