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Get the convenience of both a sofa and a bed with a futon

What is a futon and how is it different from a sofa bed?

A futon is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a sofa, bed, or sometimes a lounger depending on your needs.

A conversion scheme built into the frame allows you to pull it open to lay flat. Usually, you use the same cushions you sit on as a mattress.

By contrast, a sofa bed or sofa sleeper is a sofa that looks and functions predominantly like a couch. But remove the seat cushions and underneath is a separate, usually thin, mattress attached to the metal frame that you can pull out for sleeping when needed.

Some futons can be positioned as loungers as well, so you can sit back further than you would with a traditional couch when you don’t want to pull it out to a fully flat bed position.

Futons are made from materials like leather, faux leather, microfibre, linen, and polyester, and come in a variety of styles, designs, and colours. Some have wooden frames/legs and other metal.

You can buy a futon with cushions that double as a mattress already included, or just the futon frame and choose the mattress/cushions you want, based on thickness, design, style, firmness, and more. There are also smaller futon chairs and loveseats that function similarly to a full-sized futon but are designed more for a single person.

Why would you want a futon and where would you put one?

A futon is ideal for small homes or open concept apartments, offering the convenience of an extra bed for guests, or sleeping quarters that also double as a living room.

Futon beds are also great for the lounging or sleeping in the living room, and for kids’ rooms, saving space when you don’t need the extra bed for a guest or second child, then pulling out when additional sleeping quarters are needed.

Place one in a guest or multipurpose room so the room offers a nice quiet sitting place when you don’t need an extra bed.

What should you look for in a futon?

A futon should be stylish and match the décor of the room and be easy to assembly. A multi-position back gives you the option to put your feed up without having to lie all the way down.

Consider cleaning ease via a removable cover, wipeable material, or spot cleaning.

Try it out for comfort and coil support, making sure the mattress/cushions are thick enough so the middle bar doesn’t dig into your back.

If you are only buying the frame, find a futon mattress that fits nicely atop it. With any futon, check that it is easy and comfortable for you to convert it as needed.