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FAQ About Loveseats

The loveseat, contrary to popular belief, wasn't originally created for intimate tête-à-têtes, but to make room for the voluminous fashions of the day. Time has seen the utilitarian piece transform into a haven for lovebirds or simply cozy seating for two or three. With its compact size, this unsung companion to the sofa helps save valuable space in the living room, den, foyer, or entertainment area. Take a gander at some frequently asked questions about loveseat furniture.

What loveseat furniture style would suit my home best?

Look around your home. Do you gravitate toward unfussy décor, furniture with curvy or straight lines, and open, well-illuminated spaces? Consider a contemporary loveseat chair in neutral-coloured leather. The clean look and geometrical shapes would suit your existing décor. If you want to revamp your space and give it a bolder feel, turn to modern styles in deep hues that highlight the natural beauty of the materials.

What should I look for in a loveseat?

Like any piece of furniture, ensure the construction and upholstery will hold up to everyday use. Think about where you'll place the loveseat, which typically ranges from 50 to 70 inches in length. Measure your space, including the width of openings and hallways, to avoid unwelcome surprises on delivery day.


Consider the loveseat's durability. See whether the hardwood, engineered wood or steel frame is secured with quality fasteners like corner blocks, metal screws, or brackets.


Upholstery is the most visible sign of style, but it's also likely to show the most wear if you have kids, pets, or entertain often. Choose a fabric that'll hold up to your lifestyle.

Leather is prime upholstery, lending an air of sophistication to any space. Being a natural fabric, it adjusts to your body temperature, gets better as it ages, and is easy to clean. Leather vinyl, bonded leather and leatherette offer economical alternatives to real leather. Cotton or a cotton blend can be sturdy and family friendly. Soft to the touch, microfibre, a blend of polyester and nylon, repels water or liquids so it's harder to stain.

What do I need to know about home theatre-style loveseats?

Home theatre-style loveseats are built around comfort and design, usually sporting a contemporary or modern look, and leather upholstery. They're similar to a stand-alone reclining chair except with seats in rows and a shared armrest between the seats. Look for special features or "amenities" that suit your definition of comfort when seated for extended periods in a darkened room, including a reclining function, whether manual or power, (lit) cupholders, armrests, folding seats, or snack trays.

What should I consider when budgeting ?

Today's loveseats come in a gamut of styles and cost anywhere from $200 to upwards of $2,000. The wide range of price tags encompasses all manner of craftsmanship, material, and fabric, as well as creative aspects that go into constructing an accent piece that can sit in different areas of the house. Whether you plan to shop with a blank check or a tight allowance, invest in what you deem comfortable and appropriate for your needs. Quality matters so don't skimp if budget permits.