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  • Rock-a-bye Baby in a Rocker or Glider Chair

    When you have a baby in the home, late-night feeds and seemingly unstoppable cry fests are commonplace. But, you can ease the woes of both baby and parent with the help of a rocker or glider chair. This piece of nursery furniture offers a comfortable spot for tired mamas and papas to feed their little ones, and helps soothes baby’s cries with its gentle rocking or gliding motion. And as baby grows, this nursery chair doubles as a cozy spot for storytelling and cuddles. Find out more about rockers and gliders and why they’re a great addition to any nursery.

    Glider Chairs vs. Rockers

    Both gliders and rocking chairs can soothe fussy babies with their rhythmic back-and-forth motions. The difference between the two is how they’re made and how they move. Rockers have arc-shaped legs that allow them to move in a gentle rocking motion. Gliders, on the other hand, have a fixed track that lets them move in a smooth, effortless forward-and-back motion. Both types of nursing chairs are comfortable and easy to use, so the one you choose is a matter of preference.

    How to Choose the Best Glider Chair

    When shopping for a nursing chair, consider the following features.


    Modern nursery chairs have evolved from traditional wooden rocking chairs to plush gliders. For supreme comfort for weary parents and infants, glider chairs are often padded and upholstered – some even resembling traditional arm chairs and recliners. Fabric choices range from soft, durable polyester to smooth bonded leather. When choosing a nursing chair, look for a fabric that’s easy to clean -- because feedings and burpings will inevitably get messy.


    Holding a baby can take a toll on your arms, especially when you’re already tired and cranky from being woken up at 3 a.m. A glider with padded armrests can offer some reprieve, supporting your arms – and baby – when you’re nursing or feeding.


    Rockers and glider chairs all move back and forth, a repetitive motion that has been shown to calm babies and help them fall asleep. For an ultra-smooth gliding motion, look for a glider chair with ball bearings. To lean back in comfort, especially during cuddles, consider a gliding chair that reclines. Some nursing chairs also swivel, making it effortless to change the chair’s position without having to physically move it. To keep a glider stationary and safe from curious hands, look for one with a locking mechanism that stops it from moving.


    If your nursery has space for it, consider a glider chair with an ottoman. An ottoman lets you kick up your feet for extra comfort when you’re reading to your toddler or nursing your newborn. Usually, a glider’s matching ottoman will feature the same gliding motion as the chair, so both pieces can move together.


    Pockets and pouches are nice-to-haves in a gliding chair. They offer a convenient place to hold everything from bottles and pacifiers to books and toys. You’ll be thankful to have these baby essentials close at hand when you’ve got your arms full with your little (or not-so-little) bundle of joy.

    Where to Put a Glider Chair or Rocker

    A gliding chair makes an ideal addition to a nursery, but may also find a place in your own bedroom, especially if baby is sleeping there, too. Place the glider or rocker close to your wee one’s crib or bassinet, so you won’t have to go far to feed or calm your baby. And when your little one is no longer little, that doesn’t mean you have to retire your gliding chair. Many of these chairs have a contemporary style that will fit right in to any other room in the home.

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