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Save on Baby Furniture with Nursery Bundles

The different types of nursery bundles

Nursery bundles include multiple, often matching, items to outfit the entire nursery with one purchase.

Bundles range from smaller nursery sets that include a couple of items, like a crib and a matching dresser, to larger nursery furniture sets with three or four products, like a crib, dresser, change table, and glider. Some bundles have eight or nine products, adding smaller items like a change pad and mattress, plus other products to use outside of the nursery, like a car seat and adapter, stroller, swing, and high chair.

Some baby bedroom sets have items for when baby gets older, like diaper bag.

Bundled products can come from the same brand or include items from multiple brands. In the case of furniture, though, pieces are typically from the same brand, and match in finish and style.

Why opt for a nursery bundle?

There are three main reasons to opt for baby furniture sets. First, they can save you money, since buying multiple items together often results in a deep discount. Second, it’s quick and easy since you only have to make one purchase, get one bill, and pick up from one store or field a single home delivery. This is particularly useful for last minute purchases. And finally, nursery bundles help you create the perfect nursery with a consistent theme, décor, and colour scheme.

What to look for when getting a nursery bundle

If you need furniture, search for baby furniture packages that focus on those items and offer significant savings. Measure the size of the room. A large nursery bedroom set might not be worth it if you won’t have room for both a glider and change table in addition to the crib and dresser, for example. But if you have the room, consider a nursery collection that includes extras that might come in handy, like a swing. For future-proofing, consider getting a bundle with items for when your baby gets older, like rails to convert a crib into a bed. If you already have your eye on a specific crib or glider, it’s still worth looking at other bundle options, such as ones for diapering.

That said, if you haven’t yet bought the crib from the brand you want, use search filters on this page to find the brand, and see if there are any applicable bundles available. If you don’t yet know what you want, search bundles by price to find one that fits your needs and budget.

In any case, bundles might come with items you will need but may not have been ready to buy yet. In grabbing them together, though, you can save money and time in the process.